Thursday, August 23, 2012


Myrtle Beach, SC: Sun rise
Myrtle Beach, SC: Sun rise
I have very few regrets in life - when I was 16 years old a good friend of mine told me something I kept in my heart since: "Don't regret your past, you won't be able to change it afterwards. Instead - learn from it and move on" and I seem to have managed to do just that for over 25 years.

However, I just found myself in a strange situation right now - and considering what I've been through in my life, it seems small. But it's important to me - which makes it, well, huge. For me.

What is it, girl, you'll ask? I've been looking for a studio of metalsmithing in the area for ages - I found lampworking, jewelry design, but not metalsmithing. Or not what I've been looking for. Not yet. Recently we've been on vacation, as you know - in Myrtle Beach, SC. I knew from a group on facebook there is a studio there and guess what? There was one right across our campground (as in: you crossed the main street and you entered the bead store). I though that's the one - but didn't have what I have been dreaming of: metal sheets and metal working tools and etching materials and so on. I didn't investigate more: partially because my mind wasn't there, partially because the Internet connection was crappy - but these seem lame excuses now.

Why? I came home and got one of my books from the library. A brand new one (I am buying it as we speak), from Kalmbach Jewelry Books... on metalsmithing and not only. The perfect book... I went through it once, quickly, ooh-ing and aah-ing and telling myself "this is *it*".

So - what's the problem?! The problem is that I read a book from cover to cover, I look to see where the artist comes from and so on and so long. And this specific artist? Her name is Kim St Jean from Studio St Jean. And where is she located? Where? Yes, of course: Myrtle Beac, SC. The place I left a week ago... That is the studio I heard about: where they hold classes and let you try the tools... That is the place I have been looking for.

I am truly sad - hubby and son are smiling and comforting me: "we'll get there sooner than we might have thought" :) Yes, that might be - but I had the chance to see what I want and... Oh, well - snapping out of it.

The good part? I found *THE* book: if you're looking to teach yourself sawing and piercing metals, etching, enameling, setting (soldering, cold connection), texturing, form folding, and more - get online, get to the closest book store, or just get to the library and get reading it: Metal Magic by Kim St. Jean. In my defence, the book has been published 1 day after we left for vacation :)

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