Monday, August 4, 2014

The Creative Continuum of Seven Artists: Reveal #7 ~ featuring Emma Todd

Hello, hello - and welcome to the sixth reveal of the CC7A, the group of 7 friends crazy enough to accept to get together an work with each other's choices each month.

First, an apology for being a full week late ~ life caught up with me big time in July. I will post a couple of updates soon (God willing and the creek don't rise :) ).

Back to the CC7A: this month is hosted by Emma ~ the third Canadian in the group, and a polymer artist. Emma sent one of her polymer pendants, along with some fun beads... and I, being so crazy this month, have no pictures of the original package. I really need to revamp my organization skills...

I will start with her fun items: she sent the 'flower' spikes (how do you call those?!) and the fractured pink glass and while I knew what I wanted to make with them from the very beginning (I added some glass pearls and beads from 2 of last year's Lisa Lodge's challenges):

Funky sparkly bookmarks (glass pearls, lucite, silver-tone bookmark, silver plated wire) by All Pretty Things

Bookmarks! Sparkling and funky and very pink (I have the recipients in mind, William's 2 'cousins' - our best friends' girls). William had fun with them too - he's catching imaginary fish with the sparkly fishing rods :)

I kept the pendant for a very long time, wondering what to do with it. It is very light (like any polymer clay pendant) and I find it challenging to work with very light items. I bought some extra items to combine - just to figure out my piece is grey and pink and doesn't match with the green / turquoise pieces. That will teach me not to take the piece I want to match *with* me when I shop!

Back to the drawing board... I was still waiting for some inspiration and finally I decided it's time to stop waiting and start working (funny how that works each and every time!). I picked up all the left overs from Lisa's last year 'Seasons' blog hop (all pinks and purples), which were conveniently strung on some dark antique copper wire, plus everything else that was left from another of her challenges: the 'Holiday Floral' blog hop (the lucite leaves and flowers). I added a few other items (glass seed beads, the silver-coloured backdrop, the wire) and this is what happened:

Purple universe: lucite leaves, flowers, and petals, silver-plated oval links, wire wrapping, ooak necklace :: All Pretty Things

The Lucite petals, leaves and flowers were combined with silver-plated oval links...

Purple Universe: Emma Todd pendant, glass, lucite, pearls Czech beads, wire wrapping :: All Pretty Things

The main part of the necklace is hard to take a picture of: there are beads of all sorts strung on ring-sized memory wire (the middle part); Emma's pendant received a metal background for balance, and the 'bail' is a piece of silver wire wrapped with the 'kitchen sink' copper wire.

Purple Universe: Emma Todd pendant, ooak necklace, glass, lucite, pearls Czech beads, wire wrapping :: All Pretty Things

And all together - a purple 'avalanche' :) While none of its parts made much sense, somehow together they all work... I hope Emma likes what her pendant became!

This is our last 'meeting' of the year ~ and I would like to thank again each of my artist friends for their participation (while I apologize for being late a couple of times!). It has been a fun time and I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did! I am a bit sad, as I was looking forward each month to seeing what everybody created. I'll have to think of a follow-up :)

Thank you, my visitor, for stopping by ~ I know time is precious and I appreciate each moment (and comment) you spend 'listening' to my stories. Now with fall almost here I'll get back into being more visible on the blog.

Please make sure you visit everybody in the group! I'll go there right now, since I'm quite late to the party :)

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