Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Antiquity Travelers' 2nd Blog Anniversary party!

As you may recall, Cynthia of Antiquity Travelers is celebrating her 2 blog anniversary in style!
Just a few months ago I received an email from Cynthia, asking if I would take part in a grand celebration of her anniversary ~ jewelry-style. I haven't had the chance to meet Cynthia face-to-face, but I had the opportunity to grow (remember my 'bloom' word of the year?!) a virtual friendship with her during this past year, year and a half.

I was incredibly honoured to be part of this group ~ filled with artists I came to respect and call my eFriends too. Of course I said 'Yes!' and this is what came in the email not so long ago:

I had no idea what I wanted to make all I knew it was it's going to be delicious!

Lately I've become obsessed with links - blame it on Cindy Wimmer's new book and on Patti's constant creations (she's posting daily one or two more beauties she made with Cindy's links from her book!). I stood there, looking at the package, and trying to visualise links... what kind? how? why? Existential questions, as you can see :)

And then... it just came to me and this Tribal Dance was born:

Tribal Dance: polymer clay art bead, silver wire, sari, ooak necklace :: All Pretty Things
Tribal Dance

The links are made of silver plated copper wire (very soft to my hands, very soft!), on a jig, an infinity link with a lovely double scroll. All kept together with scraps of the incredible blue sari silk.

Tribal Dance: polymer clay art bead, silver wire, sari, ooak necklace :: All Pretty Things

The main link is looking somewhere between Minnie's ears and a round gift package - I haven't decided yet :)

Tribal Dance: polymer clay art bead, silver wire, sari, ooak necklace :: All Pretty Things

Did I ever mentioned how impossible is to capture a long necklace?! something I need to learn to do in a better way - but it'll give you an idea of how the necklace is draping: the focal is about 2 in long and the whole necklace is quite long, doesn't need a clasp (I like them better that way for the winter, less opportunities to loose them under all the clothing required)

Tribal Dance: polymer clay art bead, silver wire, sari, ooak necklace :: All Pretty Things

And here she is again: the leader of her tribe, with ribbons in her hair, dancing away in a sacred dance: an infinite and ancient custom of her tribe.

Wow ~ Cynthia, my dear, that just came while I was typing away... apparently I am better with words at 3:15 am! And this is truly honouring your style: the Ethnic Boho :)

Please make sure you visit our group to see what everybody made with Cynthia's generous gift!

Happy Anniversary, Cynthia! Thank you for the opportunity to party along - and thank you for a priceless friendship. I learned a lot from you these past 2 years and I am very happy to be able to say 'I know Cynthia! She's my friend!' :)

Our host: Cynthia Machata        Antiquity Travelers

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P.S. I feel I need to explain why Her Majestic Chiefness doesn't have any adornments ~ Cynthia lovingly provided those gorgeous seed beads and the equally lovely gemstones. However Her Chiefness (I need to find her a name) refuse categorically to be adorned with anything but the silk ribbons in her hair. I tried to argue with her, but if there is one thing I've learned in the past few years is that it's never a good idea to put your stubbornness against an inanimate object's stubbornness! You learn how to let it go and I let her be what she wanted to be: a simple dancer :)


  1. Alicia~I LOVE what you did here! Those links and how you tied them together really works perfectly with your Tribal Dance~linking people, customs, celebrations. What a beautiful, lively piece! The same focal can party or can be in a deep is all in the eye of who is holding it. I like your vision :-)

  2. Alicia what a lovely piece. I love the way you made links and added touches of Sari silk throughout the piece. Great job.

  3. Wow, Alicia, your sense of style always blows me away... and now your sense of humour also! *TeeHee* "Minnie's ears"... you should write at 3 am more often LOL

  4. Wow Alicia she is dancing and her with her adorned hair flying in the wind as she twirls around and around the large tribal fire in the night. Wonderful job. I ordered Cindy's book the other day from Amazon and it should be here today. I can not wait to open it up and get started on making some links. I love the links you made for your Chieftess and how you tied them all together with the beautiful blue silk.

  5. I so love that she has ribbons in her hair -- what a great way to capture the joy of the blogoversary celebration! Your wirework is so pretty, nicely accented with the silk. It's a great way to highlight and enhance the focal. Lovely!

  6. Oh this is fantastic! I'm loving how everyone had their own interpretation of this guy (or gal)! I love that you did wire wrapping (that is so you :)! and that your piece is dancing - that is just so fun and so wonderful! Ha! 3am ... the epiphany hits! Thank you my friend for joining my hop and helping me celebrate! It has been a great thing to have come to know you through this crazy blogosphere! someday we will meet in person - I'm certain of it!

  7. Awesome links, Alicia! I love how you used the silk! I cannot agree with you more - it is so hard to take a good picture of a necklace - especially a long one! Beautiful job! :)

  8. I love that - our Cynthia doing a tribal dance! ;-) I love seeing the metal with the polymer focal.. and that ribbon... sweet color. I do feel incredibly lucky to have been asked to join this marvelous group of ladies. You're my kind of peeps!

  9. That is beautiful. I love the touch of ribbon between each of the metal links. It's such a great contrast in textures.

  10. Alicia, your piece is very lovely and I love those rings!!! Have to get a copy of the book as soon as possible ...

  11. Alicia, you were truly inspired - it sure shows in your beautiful, tribal necklace. I just love how the links and ribbon resemble flowing hair. What a great combination - wirework and ribbon! And oh how I can relate to working at 3:00 a.m.! :-)... I think we talked about both being Night Owls before.


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