Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Floral Blog Hop - the reveal

If you're here in search for the wonderful Erin's Color Challenge - please check it here! And then come back and have some flowers too :)

Many, many moons ago Lisa of Pine Ridge Treasures organized a blog hop with the date of December 1st. I believe it was back in September... you know what happens with things when you say 'oh, I have time!'... yes, you left them for the last minute.

Which is not perfectly true - because I really finished the piece for the Floral Holiday before the ones for Erin's Color Challenge :)

So here I was, at the beginning of the week, with the knowledge that I must finish at least 2 pieces until the end of week. Pressure works well with me (positive pressure).

You'll forgive me - I will show you the piece first... I have been dying for 3 days to show someone this picture!

Flora: Lucite flowers silver wire, OOAK necklace :: All Pretty Things
There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING better for pictures than natural light! The picture above is taken up in the studio, under that gorgeous skylight a few mornings ago, when we had an unusually sunny and bright day (not direct light). I am proud of the piece - but I think I am prouder of the picture!

Anyhow... let's start from the beginning. Back in September / October I received the package from Lisa. I must admit I was anxious to find my colours (I knew they couldn't be black :)) and when I opened the box out came this mix in purples and light pinks and a nice yellow-orange flowers or petals and even some leaves. I was ecstatic! I love pastels and the combination was wonderful.

I wasn't sure how to string them so they'll show (I have seen designs with Lucite flowers and most of them were 'drooping' and I didn't want that). When I open the package again to work with it, I played with the flowers a little bit and this is what was born on my table:

Flora: Lucite flowers, silver wire, OOAK necklace :: All Pretty Things

Oh, I love this! How can I put them together exactly like that?!?! The answer presented to itself immediately: wire them together!

That I can do - and so I did :)

Flora: Lucite flowers, silver wire, OOAK necklace :: All Pretty Things

After wiring the flowers together, I wrapped them on a stronger base, attached the chain, the handmade clasp and I was done! I used all the flowers in the pack, almost all petals and 2 of the leaves :)

Flora: Lucite flowers, silver wire, OOAK necklace :: All Pretty Things

Right now I am glad the holiday season has started: I will have all the excuses in the world to wear this beauty!

Flora: Lucite flowers, silver wire, OOAK necklace :: All Pretty Things

Thank you, Lisa, for the opportunity! This was such a fun challenge - first time ever working with Lucite :) I will try them again - for sure, since I won a blue pack from her too!

Please make sure you visit the other participants and check their beauties too :)

Your Host: Lisa Lodge, Grateful Artist (Pine Ridge Treasures)

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Thank you for stopping by!


  1. oh Alicia this is glorious! I can't stop eyeballin' it. I do agree that there is NOTHING better than natural light for pictures.

  2. What a gorgeous piece! I love how you wired them together on that arrangement. Absolutely fabulous!!!

  3. Alicia, your necklace is gorgeous. I love how you wired all the flowers and not one "droop." That is something I wish I had the talent for. The arrangement is stunning and I love how it lends the image of a bouquet you can wear. :)

  4. Your necklace is wonderful. I love the idea of wiring it together, that means when you wear it everything will stay in place and not roll!!!! Brilliant. You should be proud, it s a beautiful necklace.

  5. You got sunshine! And one GORGEOUS picture that radiates the beauty of your necklace! I think the sun came out because of this necklace :-D It is so so beautiful and bright and will go a long way in beating any winter blues that try to happen.

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  7. I love how you engineered that; it displays the flowers beautifully. In fact, I'd like to hear more detail. What did you reinforce with? Awesome job!

  8. So happy and cheerful for this weather of ours! wonderful piece Alicia :)

  9. love the pink and tangerine cheerful colorway, Alicia!! I was surprised by all the gemstones in my Holiday lucite mix, and may have to create a gem piece later, but I was happy with my pretty colorway too :) I know what you mean about dying to how someone pictures also -- I so want to show your Holiday exchange gift pictures!! Well, on to your jewelry: lovey!! I can't believe it is your first time working with lucite. You created a beautiful, feminine and cheerful Holiday necklace!! I love it :)


    I just bought your Step By Step Wire Dec/Jan. publication!! So cool. Your chainmaille capture is my favorite jewelry ever. Congratulations!

  10. No droopy flowers in your lovely necklace! So bright and cheerful, and I love the way you arranged the flowers. All I have to say is I LOVE it! Thank for being in the hop and Happy Holidays!

  11. I shy away from lucite for that very reason...droopy! This is utterly gorgeous and refreshing! Love it!

  12. This is beautiful...and so is your picture!!! I would not have known what to do with those flowers! Awesome job!

  13. Extraordinar totul: piesa finală, florile, fotografiile !
    S-a nimerit foarte bine, pentru că la noi s-a stricat rău vremea, ieri a fost o zi-seară-noapte ca în Dickens, aşa că m-am "sprijinit" pe cei doi bonsai ( operă proprie ! ), pe alte câteva plante cu sau fără flori din casă şi pe acest text.
    Mulţumesc, deci , pentru "medicament" şi la mai mare !

  14. I'd bought a mass of lucite flowers, and like you, I'd been wondering hw to stop them "drooping" when I made the jewellery up This is a brilliantly simple solution! Thanks!

  15. Fantastic - that is beautiful. I bought a mass of these sort of beads but had done nothing with them because I didn't want them to "droop", What a brilliantly simple solution,, thank you


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