Thursday, December 13, 2012

The 12 colours of Christmas: Green and Orange

For today I was unable to settle on one colour so I captured both Green (which is a true Christmas colour) and Orange (which... maybe it's not... but I love it :))

P.S. For once I don't need the shoes - I have a few pairs this style (not orange, though) :) But that silk skirt... hmm... :)


  1. I love orange too! I have a beautiful orange purse and an Autumn orange suede jacket -- and I live in Orange County of "The Citrus State" !! lol. Love your Beautiful wire wrapped ecklace!

  2. Foarte frumos colierul !
    Frumoasă combinaţie, frumos aranjament !

  3. Just love the combos. Very christmasy yet not so in your face.


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