Friday, April 19, 2013

Focus on Life: Week 16 ~ Take a walk!

Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime is hosting a year long challenge which is... sublime... as you'd expect with such a studio name. The challenge is named 'Focusing on Life' and every week Sally is sending a prompt on what should we focus the following week.

The prompt of this week?!

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
                                                    ~Robert Frost

Grab your camera, open the door and step outside into the fresh air.  Take a walk!  

You know me by now... our family does not need prompts to get out and walk! So walk - more hike, in fact - we did. At 4 in the afternoon, through one of the conservation areas close by, meeting a handful of people on the trails (just enough to make you feel comfortable that you're not alone in a forest at dusk). 

What is he watching so intent?!

Yes, the quick flow of the creek - he's always fascinated by water

Spring is definitely here!

We are blessed to be within minutes from Bruce Trail!
Today - we learned about different blazes and their meaning

Do you see the faces sleeping in this knot?!
I see four of them

Lovely curves

The area is known for the abundance of fossils - William is looking for them

And right in the middle of the forest... a wall!
The property used to be someone's farm many moons ago!

How many years does the moss need to cover the stone so beautifully?

What does he see?

 A huge woodpecker!

We follow the creek as it turns and tumbles

More knots - lovely knots everywhere
This will be a lovely orchard in the spring - looks dead now, but knowing
there is life in there, just waiting to wake up is such a wonderful feeling!

Ready for a new adventure? Always!
Thank you for taking the journey with us - I hope you have enjoyed the hike.

Thank you, Sally for the lovely challenge - it is absolutely wonderful!
And please make sure you join the collective virtual walk - the headquarters are, as usual, at Miss Sally's.


  1. What great nature photographs! Looks like you had a fun hike!

  2. Looks like a great place to take a walk or hike!

  3. looks like a wonderful hike Alicia! thanks for taking us along

  4. Great Hike photos. I would love to take a walk there some day!

  5. Looks like a place I'd enjoy walking. Love the spring flowers blooming!

  6. Hi Alicia,
    It looks like the two of you had a wonderful time hiking and exploring the wonders of the forest.

  7. Wow, what fun you had! I love the moss on the brick wall. gorgeous!

  8. That moss is stunning, I just love moss. I've yet to try the grind moss into yogourt and slather trick, maybe this year. I'll have to find me some suitable rocks first. Looks like a beautiful place for a walk.

  9. thank you for taking us along for the walk - it was fun :)
    have a great week!

  10. oops! forgot to add i'm no. 18 this week!

  11. What a great place to take a walk! Love your photos.

  12. I love your post. The ones of the "knots" I soooo see the faces. I think knots in the trees are sooo fascinating! Great job!

  13. What a great area to have so close to you. Love the photo journey!

  14. Beautiful photos. I love the ones with the moss covered rocks. Our family likes to get out and take drives in the country, visiting creeks and low water bridges. I love to see other families doing the same. What a great way to teach our children about respecting the earth and her resources, and appreciating nature and the beauty of this earth.

  15. I'm sure it's a totally different walk in the summer. How glorious. I love pileated woodpeckers.

  16. What a wonderful place to walk. So many treasures along the way - including those faces! Details are what I love on a good walk.

  17. Wow - love the photo tour of your walk! Love that flowing water and that wall out in no where, how cool is that!

  18. That looks like it was a great hike , I enjoyed the story and photos Alicia. Have a great week.

  19. What a great bunch of photos. There's always so much to look at if you just stop and do it!

  20. Alicia, You have an eye to see things. I did find three faces in that burl( or knot). Loved your pictures and William is cute. Thanks for sharing. Dita



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