Wednesday, February 26, 2014


(1) The GO bus driver this morning was chatty and very much what I expect a bartender to be: full of life tidbits and very diplomat. He encouraged me to follow my dreams and told me that
    • I will be a great teacher, because I have such a lovely personality (that's the diplomat part)
    • If I truly believe I can do it, I will do it (I happen to fully agree with him on this one)
(2) The GO bus driver in the afternoon (I rode with him before) was his usual cheerful self: there must have been almost 40 people boarding the bus and he kept saying to each and every one 'thank you!' as they used their Presto cards. Lovely.

(3) Today I saw my pink and turquoise clouds! Years ago, when I started trapshooting, one brilliant summer day, in the middle of the competition I was watching a few white puffy clouds... when one of them became... pink! Not fully pink, just on the lining (some have silver lining, mine have pink and turquoise lining). I realize it's just an optical thing (glasses, and special lighting) - but there are still my pink clouds. A couple of years ago - they became pink and turquoise, next to each other. And then again, today, coming back home - there they were, next to the sun, one pink, and many turquoise / larimar ones. You can't stop smiling after that - I just wish there was a way to capture them, but I realize it's my eyes (as Florin doesn't see them).

(4) On my desk I found a large bouquet of tulips (I bought them yesterday, and after putting them in one pot with water, I forgot about them): they were just screaming 'Spring' at me, such happy faces!!

Tulips, making me happy along other moments today :: All Pretty Things


  1. 1/ and 2/ I miss taking public transit and seeing a different crowd every day (where I live is too small for buses). The last time I rode a bus was when I visited my son in Kingston a few years ago... I loved it and he thought I was crazy :) People on buses always look like they have a SECRET they are keeping (happy? sad? doesn't matter). PS I'm sure your driver is right!

    3/ IMHO the best sights are those only YOU can see. It doesn't matter if nobody else can. They have their own pink-and-turquoise-lined clouds :)

    4/ I refuse to look at any tulips but the ones in my own yard... shouldn't be long now... 3 months maybe? They're right there, under the 5 feet of snow, but I can SEE them :)

    Have a great day, Alicia!

  2. It is refreshing to know that some bus drivers are still friendly and not just waiting for their shift to end. Pink and Turquoise I would say that that is a beautiful sky to be looking at through your eyes only. Sadly tulips do not bloom where I live in Alabama the winters do not get cold enough for them to go completely dormant, at least that is what I have been told. I love Tulips they are beautiful flowers that come in large array of colors. Here in Alabama the first sign of spring is when the Tulip Magnolia blooms the tree is so pretty with it's pink and white flowers. At my new house there are bulb flowers sprouting up all over the front and back yard and I am excitedly waiting to see what blooms.

  3. What lovely moments~people happily going about their jobs, making you happy in the process; your clouds, which sound lovely (i went for years having my own personal sunsets w/o realizing it was simply the sunglasses I was wearing each day. i still saw it so it still counts!). The flowers are just the shot of color and happiness needed in winter. Ah heck~they are needed any time of year! Hope you have an equally lovely weekend, Alicia :-D


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