Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bead Soup BP#8 - My soup ingredients are here!

I've been participating in Lori's event since #5, I believe... if you're new to the world of artisan jewelry making, Lori is a wonderful soul who is organizing a humongous party: pairing artists from all over the world, the bead soup partners send each other the 'soup' aka dry ingredients that might or might not work together, with extras more times than not. Only an art focal and a non-commercial-made clasp are mandatory, but I've seen amazing 'soups' in these past 2 years, and this year is no exception.

My partner for this adventure is the lovely Penny Neville of Copper Penny Designs - a fellow Canadian artist from Alberta. We have exchange a few emails, learned a little bit of each other, and sent our soups. We discovered we are very much alike, we share the same love for gemstones, earth-tones, natural fibers, and organic designs. She also doesn't work in pink / red ~ she must be my lost-at-birth sister, 'cause I've been always challenged by pink and gravitated towards greens and blues.

Armed with this information, I put together her package (which she hasn't received yet) and here you have a sneak-peek:
Bead Soup Blog Party #8: the package for Penny :: All Pretty Things

What? you know the rules: the recipient must get their package before I can show you what's inside. I hope she'll like it :)

In the meantime, post from Alberta travels faster (and apparently cheaper if I read the label correctly!) and yesterday I got my lovely surprise:

Bead Soup Blog Party #8: the package from Penny :: All Pretty Things

William had a blast opening each and every one of them and I was left admiring the content:

Bead Soup Blog Party #8: the package from Penny :: All Pretty Things

One of my focals is a pendant made by the lovely Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp of Skye Jewels. Little did Penny know I have been in love with Marie's work for a very long time and I've been admiring her lovely pendants. Now I own one myself, lucky me!

There is another pendant in there, from rusted iron, (by Lipstick Ranch) with a 'Love Big' message. Perfect!

There is Irish wax linen and leather, in the most lovely colours, matching perfectly the palette. There are lucite flowers and maple leaves that call for spring, faceted jade rounds, pearls, polymer clay flowers (sorry, I didn't get by whom - Penny?), a little mushroom by Bubly and McGurk Beads, lampwork by Ericabeads, a lovely copper toggle and button, Czech glass leaves. Three of the art beads are Made in Canada ~ this will be a Canadian ode to spring :)

Bead Soup Blog Party #8: the package from Penny :: All Pretty Things

My soup is in its bowl... simmering... and lovely.

The reveal is in on the 3rd of May, just in time for my birthday - and the funniest part about this soup? One of the linen is 'emerald', which is my birthday stone. I guess I'll have to make myself a special birthday present, don't I?

Thank you, Penny, for this amazing soup! And thank you, Lori, for organizing it every year, despite everything that's pilling up on your plate.

I hope you'll come back for the reveal, it will be a huge one, but from my past experience one filled with beauty.


  1. Penny is one of my favorite people! What a gorgeous rust and green soup she sent ~ I am eager to see what you do with it. Making your own gift with such a Canadian flair ~ a very special birthday gift :-D

    1. She's quickly becoming one of my favourite people too! Isn't that a perfect soup? Thanks!

  2. I think we are going to have fun with ours soups! It has been wonderful finding a kindred spirit! The polymer clay flowers are from too aquarius, Elaine Robataille from Saskatchewan.

  3. I was going to tell you I recognized Elaine's distinctive beads but I see penny has filled in the blanks :)

  4. Lovely soup! Rust and green are a wonderful combination, looking forward to the reveal!

  5. Alicia your soup is yummy looking. Lucky you. I will be back to see what lovely creation you make.


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