Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year and 2015 Word of the Year!

A new year has just arrived! Are you excited? hopeful? happy to see it here?

New Year's arrival is a special time, a time of renewal, a time of counting your past year's blessings and maybe plan for more in the days and months to come.

Lots of people make 'resolutions'. I explained before I am not, simply because making one is a sure recipe or ensuring I am 100% not going to achieve the goal :) Instead - I decided to choose a word for the year. 2013's word was 'Bloom' and it sure was a good word to focus on: emotionally and physically (surrounding your life with real, fragrant blooms is always wonderful). 2014's word was 'Attain'. Oh, my, was that a good focus for my first year returning to academia. Sure, I worked my behind off, and sure, it wasn't easy at times. However, it was fun and exciting, and I attained most (if not all) my goals for the year. Yeah!

In the last week of 2014 I started to think what should my word for 2015 be? I didn't have any ideas yet, just left the thought at the back of my brain, it (the brain) does a great job of subconsciously working on background tasks.

Then we left to spend New Year's Eve at our friends' house - a tradition we started 4 years ago and we managed to keep (with one exception). The child plays with the girls (his age), and we have more than 24 hours of chatty-chatty-chatty. We don't see each other very often (work and training schedules are crazy for all of us), however they are the type of friends you simply pick the conversation up where you left it months (or a year) ago and it's like not a blink has passed. A rare friendship we all cherish (including the kids! they are amazed how they are able to do exactly the same - and it's hard at 12-14 to have such gasps in contact and still feel you just saw each other days ago).

A., whom I know since we were kids (we grew up in the same small town back in Romania), loves coffee. So much so that he gets himself all sorts of appliances - the latest being a semi-manual Espresso / Cappuccino machine. You have to watch him preparing the coffee ~ Starbuck's barristers are nothing compared to A.'s art :) He's even making those fancy decorations on top, with the foamed milk!

And I finally arrive at my point for the post - my first coffee of the year looked like this (after I stirred it a bit, it was fancier before):

Do you see the bird flapping her wings?! I do... and so my focus word for 2015 is:

What do you do in terms of New Year's resolutions / plans / goals / focus?

Do you have a list? do you accomplish it? Would you prefer a word? What will be your personal 2015 word?

Whatever your tradition is:

I wish you a very 
Happy, Peaceful, and Brilliant 
New Year in 2015!


  1. So happy you picked that one, Alicia. It is very special indeed! I received your sweet card and thoughtful gift 2 days ago. Thank you so much for taking the time, my dear online friend :) I don't know if I even told you: I snagged your lovely and SPECIAL dragonfly at the Art Charm auction :) Now to shake some creativity out of the tree LOL.

    I sincerely wish all prosperity, good health and happiness for you and everyone you hold in your heart :)

  2. Lovely post Alicia! We too spent time with old friends of ours (the people that originally introduce my husband and I way back when). They have 2 girls the same age as we do, so it is a wonderful day+ New Year's get-together.

    I also got your lovely card - how thoughtful of you! So happy to have crossed paths with you and hope we meet in person some day. Happy New Year, and wishing you a wonderful 2015 ... with a soaring year ahead!

  3. Hi Alicia, Sounds like a great way to ring in the new year. Soar is a wonderful word to focus on for the upcoming year.

  4. Beautiful post, Alicia. My word for this year is CREATE. I opened an Etsy shop two days ago, SusanDolphinDelaney. I'll be creating earring components and earrings. May your SOAR this year, into the stratosphere!


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