Sunday, April 26, 2015

CC7A April - Spring pastels; the reveal

Hello and welcome to my (lately) very sporadic online presence :)

Today the lovely Creative Continuum of 7 Artists group is presenting the reveal for April, 'Spring pastels', hosted by yours truly. The picture I chose is one of an Easter basket, with pastel eggs (traditionally they should be red, bat that's next to impossible to achieve here :) although I aim every year).

CC7A Spring Pastels - the inspiration :: All Pretty Things

I had a few ideas on what I wanted, but, alas, no time! The term ends this month, and the exams needed grading, my thesis needed writing, and my family needed tending. So my fabulous idea had to take a waiting :) But now I needed another one, one simpler and hopefully as effective.

It had to involve metal. But after that - I was lost. I tried the lucite flowers I had... nope, not working well. I had a few gorgeous polymer clay flowers, but in the wrong colours, there was nothing remotely pastel about them. Stones, gemstones, crystals... nothing was getting together. Maybe because our spring isn't much of a spring yet and definitely *not* pastel.

I actually ended up putting out almost everything I could get my hands on - until my eyes fell on... an item I never used :) Now was the perfect time.

Please allow me to present you the piece that surprised me. Thoroughly.

CC7A Spring Pastels: copper, wire working, buttons :: All Pretty Things

CC7A Spring Pastels: copper, wire working, buttons :: All Pretty Things

CC7A Spring Pastels: copper, wire working, buttons :: All Pretty Things

Buttons :) I honestly never thought I'd be using them like this (although I bought them 2 summers ago for a jewelry piece... then decided they don't work together well). I wish I had take a picture of the frame behind them, the cutest thing ever. But I was so excited to have the buttons, that I simply went on 'sewing' them on until it was too late to do anything about it. I should have patina-ed both the frame and the hook, and I might get to that point. So far I just like the playfulness of the piece.

P.S. The elephant came with me from our February trip (I still haven't wrote about the trips we had this year, I will one day). It was 'living' on my mantle and seemed a perfect match for the 'framed buttons'.

With this, my friends, I will let you visit the rest of the group and see what beauties they made:

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Thank you for stopping by! Make sure you have a wonderful, very pastel spring :)


  1. Hi Alicia,
    Your Pendant is very bright and pretty. I rarely use buttons in a design mostly I use them for clasps, but you found a great use for yours and a perfect match to your color pallet. I like that you did not patina the copper because it matches your orange color in your pallet.

  2. Like Therese I seldom see buttons in a design save as closings, so it is fun to see your cool pendant construction (looks a bit martial... I think I am watching too much Vikings... I am seeing a "shield wall") :)

  3. I see so many people using buttons in their jewelry ideas - I think I need to get more inventive like you have here! it has such a richness of color - what a great pendant! LOL .... as Monique says, I've been watching Vikings as well. And now that she's said that, all I can see is a shield wall - LOL

  4. This was so the best of ways :-D
    It is very modern and intriguing and a great way to use buttons as the focal point. I see endless possibilities with your frame and buttons!
    Great piece, Alicia!!! Thanks for putting this hop together.

  5. What a clever use of button, Alicia!
    That's a really nice piece!

  6. Hi Alicia, Your pendant is simple but beautiful as always. You found a very creative use for your buttons. I like your piece lots.


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