Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CC7A May - Tutti Frutti, hosted by Therese Frank

Hello again, and welcome to a new CC7A get-together - the May edition, hosted by Therese of Therese's Treasures.

For this month, Therese picked up a very cheerful picture of flowers, springy and happy and colourful. Tutti Fruity is her theme.

Lovely, isn't it?

Yesterday was a very busy day (we celebrated our 19th Anniversary a couple of day in advance - since hubby is on his way to Ohio today) and at one moment we took a mini-stroll through the mall. Might not seem very romantic, but it was in a way - we haven't just walked through the mall, aimlessly, hand-in-hand, and not necessarily needing to buy anything since... I can't really remember, probably since the winter William was born and we used the mall as our park (that winter was a horrific one, incredibly cold, and we wouldn't dare to get the poor newborn baby in the frigid Canadian weather for more than 5 minutes).

Anyhow, you might ask yourself 'ok, nice, what has this to do with anything tutti fruity?!'.

Not much, but this:

A brand new store has popped in the Burlington Mall (we still call it 'the small mall' after all these years) and I had to take a picture of its banner :) foretelling, eh?

Well, going back to our business - the jewelry. I bought a couple of painted mother-of-pearl eons ago (literally 5 or 6 years ago!)... then on our 2nd trip to Myrtle Beach - that's 2013 - I found these lovely matching beads (the rondelles are plastic, the orange pillow beads are some sort of stone, don't ask me what kind, though). The entire group has been waiting patiently in my stash... for a long time...

Until this Sunday, when I decided it is time to use them:

I kind of tutti-fruity on materials, as well as techniques. We have shell, stone, and what looks like plastic beads... we have copper, antique copper, and thread; then we have swirls, wrapped beads, wrapped elements, swirls connectors, crochet thread and what not :)

Look at the braid for the neckpiece - that's 2 different hanks of embroidery floss, coming from my magic box (the one I won at an auction 5 or so years ago and it's brim full with embroidery floss in all the imaginable colours! I always find something matching in there :) )

As I was taking pictures, I realized I did't like the ends of the braids, so I quickly added one rondelle on each and now it has a more finished look.

One in one, I am happy with my version of Tutti-Fruity - I realize I'm heavier on orange and yellow than the picture, but I'm happy and I hope Therese will be too!

Please make sure you visit the rest of the group, I am sure they have had as much fun as I did!

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  1. Happy anniversary Alicia! I know what you mean by just finding the time for something as simple as a bit of a walk holding hands! Seems like we never find time for that sort of stuff anymore. How fun that you found a tutti fruiti sign! it was a sign - ha, ha.I just love this deep orange color! and the twist of yellow in it makes it warm and rich. That is such a fun necklace ... I could see that with a flowing summer dress! can't believe that the warm weather is finally (almost) here!!

  2. I love your orange necklace! Orange is one of my favorite colors for summer! Very fun!

  3. Hi Alicia,
    Happy Anniversary to you both. My late husband and I did a walk in the Mall for one of our anniversaries just for fun we took pictures in the picture booth and had a great time. I love your bright orange necklace it is so pretty and looks like it would be comfortable to wear. I agree with Cynthia it would look good with a flowing summer dress.

  4. Happy anniversary and happy design!! I love when the elements are so cooperative :) That SO did not happen for me this time LOL. Especially love how the connection motifs echo one another and the focal. You already know I think embroidery thread is groovy ;) If you ever need a special colour, Alicia, let me know... I have literally hundreds of skeins in *almost* every colour LOL

  5. Happy Anniversary Alicia,It sounds like you celebrated in a fun way. It does not need to be something elaborate just time spend enjoying each other's company. Your necklace is lovely. I am not a fan of orange but you made it very appealing.So much texture is great.

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! Many more happy years to come :-)

    Your Tutti Fruitti is a Beauti ~ the wire adds a really nice contrast to the orange and the braid makes for a really lovely neck strap. It has really nice flow and fantastic color!

  7. Oh, Alicia the necklace you created is absolutely striking!!! Beautifully done!!



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