Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hello... still from this side

I have neglected the blog, not because I have nothing to say, but because I couldn't get together for long enough to say it.

Paraphrasing Adele (I love that song *a lot*): Hello!

No, I am not calling you from the other side :)

I've been busy, as predicted. Not done yet, almost there. Courses are done, I still have to mark the finals for the one I TA-ed, but my courses are done. I had wonderful professors (as usual), and I learned a lot this term. It was quite a challenge: for one of the courses we had insanely long assignments every three weeks (26 questions for each, and each questions would take me on average 1 hour to study, and another to write a solution). The other course was as challenging, however extremely practical, we had to literary go and try different tools for each unit. This professor went above and beyond his "duty": he came to my Master thesis presentation (and asked a lot of questions!) and then for his course project, he gave me a subject that fits into my research. Isn't that nice?

The thesis went well, I finished it and I will start soon the next phase with it. I presented it, I defended it, I am done - Master of Applied Science in Software Engineering. It seems so long ago!

The child and husband are both healthy and going on. I will have some news from hubby's side of the business, soon. He's busier than usual, but I guess that is good. I just don't seem to catch a break :)

On the artsy side, I let everything slide... something has to give, as I have discovered neither the time machine (or at least that magical gadget Hermione got from Dumbledore in her third year) nor a way to clone myself. I am not even sure I'd go with the clone, as I wouldn't want someone else to live parts of my life. I had some pale trials back in January to make some enameled pieces... they are still waiting to be finished. I have also tried metal clay again (copper this time) and, believe it or not, it is not yet fired! I am looking forward to fire them at one point.

Right now all I can do is admire the beautiful spring weather (chilly, but very sunny) and inch forward, one baby step at a time!

In March we took the High Performance Team to a camp in Tucson, Arizona. On the last day we visited the Bioshpere 2. I hoped for some life science extraordinaire, however, while in life science I've seen more interesting museums, that place is an engineering wonder! If you ever have the chance to see it, don't miss it - it's impressive to see how they built it.

Much to my surprise, what is the path to the actual domes peppered with?!

Boulders of Malachite and Azurite, from the hills (and desert) around the Biosphere. See, there is some pretty to look at even when I make nothing else but mathematical formulae. One day I will get to Tucson and do nothing but visit the places where Turquoise is mined :)

Right now... I have to get back to my study, I still have two huge exams at the end of the month. And tomorrow is Palm Sunday, next Sunday is Easter... baby steps...

And with this, I am going to thank you for stopping by and wish you all a great St. George day!