Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bead Swap (Tina's version)

Tina received my package and, not being the procrastinator I am, she proceeded immediately to create something with the beads within.

Bead swap - what I sent to Tina :: All Pretty Things

As you can see from my comments on her post - I LOVE what she created so far. What I like the most about these swaps is how 2 people can have completely different ideas on how to combine and use the exact same beads. When I chose the package for Tina I had some things in mind - and she created totally different items... more beautiful than the ones I had in mind :) Love at first sight :)

You can read all about it and see those 2 beauties right here:

Tina's Bead Swap creations

Thanks for visiting with me today - and please come back next week, I have a few surprises: on Monday I will let you know where I disappeared last week + a giveaway!, on Thursday we will continue with our gemstone 'dictionary', and on Saturday - the reveal of the One Crayon Colour Challenge!

Busy week, eh?


  1. Very busy! I hope the weather improves so I can take pictures for the One Crayon hop!

    1. Our (wx) improved: it's a goregous sunny (albeit a tad chilly) day! Going out soon, can't miss this.

  2. Hi Alicia,
    I love what Tina did with the beads that you sent to her the Agate focal necklace is just gorgeous. I have not started on my One Crayon Color challenge piece yet plan to get started today.

    1. Isn't it so, Therese? I just loved it (and never would have thought before to add pearls to agate!)
      I've got 2 pieces for the crayon, for once I am ready well before :) Have fun - can't wait for Saturday to see what everyone made.


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