Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On music

On music :: All Pretty Things
I have a very eclectic taste in music: I can stomach pretty much every thing and I love songs / bands that at first seem incompatible (like Jon Bon Jovi and Rascal Flats). For many years I thought something must be wrong with me: how can one adore equally Beethoven and a great gypsy song?!

A few years back I was talking with a co-worker (who was also a DJ) and he asked me what kind of music I like. I said "you'll think I'm crazy - I love Bon Jovi and country music, and pretty much everything in between". "Oh, so you like guitar and meaningful lyrics"

I remember being struck by his words - that is exactly it: I grew up listening to folk music: a guitar, nice lyrics and a group of happy people around the campfire (we used to go mountain hiking a lot, a guitar and a campfire were part of my young years). I like the warm sound of the 'cold' guitar, I like humming songs that are easy to hum, I like the nice, quiet nostalgic feel of those songs. And Bon Jovi? Well - quite the same thing: ignore the crazy rock parts and his ballads are amazing, plus the guitar, oh, the guitar... Same reason I fell in love with Keith Urban's music when he first started in North-America. I had the chance to see him opening for Brooks and Dunn, and I distinctively remember how mesmerized I was. Hubby didn't find him too impressive - I told him: 'watch this guy, he'll get far!' It was 2001 :) Everyone agrees now he's the best guitarist of Country Music, and one of the best voices of Nashville.

Music is an integral part of my life - I don't think there is a moment without music I live in! I found music helping me every moment: lift me up when I feel down, join me in my memory line journeys, and even coordinate my body. Since I started playing piano I become better in many things, including... driving! How, you'll ask? Well - my brain is wired to tackle multiple tasks at the same time (you know the phone conversation - help homework - wash dishes - cook at the same time we do every day), however, it was quite impossible to do different physical movements at the same time; as in: handle the wheel with the right hand, signal with the left, and keep the feet on the gas pedal to keep a constant speed... for me - if I had to turn my head to check the blind spot, and signal at the same time, I would usually take my feet of the gas, couldn't coordinate all :)

Enter the piano classes... where I had to patiently learn how to play something with the right hand, keep a total different rhythm and melody through the left hand, and use the pedal in unexpected ways... all at the same time! Guess what? de-coupling my body parts has been a great exercise through music! It's more fun that way, for sure :)

While this clip has little to do with music, I think it'll make you smile. If it did - I will be happy, my mission for today will be accomplished.



  1. Wonderful ! Wonderful !
    Wonderful !
    Am pus filmuleţul de cel puţin 10 ori, pînă n-am mai putut să râd !
    Frumos, amuzant, interesant şi, mai ales, atât de util ! ( vorbesc de destresare , spre ex. )
    Mii de mulţumiri că l-ai pus .

    1. Hehe, it seems my mom loved the little movie - so my job today was done and extra done (since she laughed so hard, she started crying :) happy tears :) )


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