Monday, July 16, 2012


15 years ago yesterday (July 15th) Canada gained 2 more immigrants: my hubby and I.

We came through a 14 hours airplane journey, with a stop in Amsterdam. We were bringing 2 suitcases of what we considered important things in our lives, a computer, and a dog (our first German Sheppard, Brondi). There are 2 funny stories about the journey and the dog:

* In Amsterdam, we were watching airplanes while waiting for our connect flight. It downed on us that the dog could get easily 'lost in translation': luggage was thrown from one plane onto those 'cart-trains' and back to planes. At our departure gate we found a nice lady and we asked if we could, in any way, check about our dog. Can you imagine she called through her walkie-talkie 3 or 4 persons until she found someone telling her (we heard it too) 'Yes, the dog is onto the plane to Toronto, I just got the cage in'?! We were so relived!

* In Toronto - there was a huge line at the customs. We already had our immigration papers in order, we retrieved the luggage and a groggy dog and waited in line. Until we arrived at the custom officer. She asked us what we have in our baggage - then she spotted the cuttie and she asked 'how long was your flight'? '14+ hours' 'Did she had anything to drink?' 'We have no clue!' 'OMG' and she went to get an ice-cold bottle of water from the fridge, and gave it to us. Brondi drank half in a jiffy, the poor girl was quite unhappy with the travel arrangements. The lady welcomed us to Canada and send us to our way.

With that - we were Canadian immigrants. It was July 15th, past 9:00 pm...

The rest, as they say - it's history!


  1. What a great story! I guess I've never thought about people as immigrants in today's time, just in the past. Hope it has been a wonderful experience, and so glad to 'know' you now. :)

  2. Wonerful story, about some wonderful people. Sure you felt very welcome to your new home after that.

  3. Thank you for sharing your touching story, Alicia. I am very proud to know that my country, Canada, welcomed you so whole-heartedly and that your dear pet was so well cared for. I was born in Europe but to a Canadian military family in the 1960's. We returned to Canada before my fourth birthday, so I unfortunately have no memories of my birthplace. I have met modern immigrants from several continents over the years, and their stories are always so uplifting, especially since many arrive from heart-breaking circumstances, and express such gratitude and joy in their adopted country, despite much difficulty in adapting to language, climate, etc. It is so wonderful to hear these histories! Hope you will tell us more about your experience!

  4. Oh wow! How DID they transport Brondi? Am wondering abt her food and water and potty and all that...

  5. Thank you, ladies - you're all sweet. I will share more of our journey into our Canadian life... it has been an amazing adventure and I would change very little of it :)


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