Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where are your mittens?

Sunday humour :: All Pretty Things
In kindergarten, a teacher is helping one child to put his boots on. The boots wouldn't get on, but the teacher pushed and pulled, pushed and pulled - until both were finally on the little boy's feet.

The boy pipped: "Miss, they are on the wrong foot!".

After more pulling, the boots came out. Now onto the right foot - but they wouldn't get on any better. Finally, when the boy had the boots on, he exclaimed "These are not my boots!"

Almost crying, the teacher took the boots off and started to look for the boys' boots. The boy said "These are my brother's boots. Mom said I can take them today!"

The teacher is now as the end of her wits... she gathers all the patience she can mustered and puts the boots back on. The coat gets on next, then the hat, and...

"Where are your mittens?", asked the teacher
"Oh, I put them inside the boots, so I won't loose them!"


  1. Oy the days I have had exactly like this..

  2. LOL Alicia thanks for the laugh this morning!

  3. Frumos !
    De-abia aştept s-o spun şi altora, fie că au sau nu copii --mici sau mari. Morala e excelentă şi m-am amuzat teribil !


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