Friday, November 2, 2012

Countdown to Christmas...

William and his snowman :: All Pretty Things
... today is Day 52! There are fifty two days until Christmas :)

What does that mean for you? Are you glad it's so soon? Are you sad it's so far? Are you panicking?

For us, as a family, Christmas is an important day. We are trying hard to keep it as non-commercial as possible, with a young child in the house is sometimes hard. But our son know what the day is for and that's more important to spend time together as a family than un-wrap expensive gifts.

I'll talk more about our Christmas traditions in the days to come, but I will love to hear about yours in the meantime. Do you celebrate Christmas or other Winter holiday? What are the traditions you observe and what are your precious memories about your Holiday?

And maybe - what are the challenges you face during the holidays? If the Winter Fairy just personalized right now and granted you a wish (related to the holidays) - what would you wish for?

Me? I wish for a magic planner, one that I would dictate my schedule for those 2 weeks (a few days prior and all the way after New Year's) and the planner would tell me when and what I need to do every day! Maybe even plan my menu - neah, scratch that, we keep it quite the same every year :)

And if I can have my 2nd wish - I would wish for genial ideas for heartfelt gifts for the gentlemen in my circle of family and friends. It doesn't have to be expensive (they are adult males who have pretty much every imaginable thing already), it has to be ingenious and useful and thoughtful.

Your turn!

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  1. Alicia, I assume that is a photo from the previous winter, and you haven't yet been "blessed" with that much snow in Burlington LOL.

    Like you, I was raised in a very traditional home where both Easter and Christmas were strong expressions of our religious beliefs (especially Easter in my case). However, Christmas was a special time in my childhood, and my parents made an effort to include secular practices in our celebrations. The Christmas tree and gift-giving had a place, though it remained secondary, much to our chagrin as children. Unlike our friends, we received almost exclusively handmade and "useful" gifts, with the token plastic doll or toy. Funny how years later, it is those "useful" gifts I remember most, clothing or knitted items all produced it stolen moments by Mum! We drooled over the Sears (and Eatons... dating myself!) catalogues, but I can't for the life of me recall exactly what toy I coveted!

    Hope your planning goes smoothly, Alicia. This is when I start putting money aside for the special Christmas foods I like to prepare, so the financial pinch isn't as painful. I do a lot of baking and freezing well in advance, and I have a collection of inexpensive (dollar store) trays that are filled for close family and friends... a few have what they jokingly refer to as the "perpetual tray": when it has been emptied they can return it for refill as many times as they wish during the Holiday period. A gift idea for your male friends, or any singles?


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