Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cyber week - Days 3 & 4

I couldn't catch my breath enough to get day 3 in time, so I'll combine them :)

The sale in Artisan Whimsy is still on - check the original post and visit the other participants for amazing giveaways and deals! Have a handmade Holiday season :)
Today we get back to some copper - simply copper. You can see I fell in love with it, and it's quite surprising, it doesn't look as good as silver on my skin. But still - an extraordinary material to work with (I don't feel anything for brass or bronze yet, no idea why)

Less talk and more images - I present you Anna, a complete set: earrings, bracelet & necklace in simply copper.

Anna (gracious): copper earrings :: All Pretty Things

Anna (gracious): copper bracelet :: All Pretty Things

Anna (gracious): copper bracelet :: All Pretty Things

Anna (gracious): copper necklace :: All Pretty Things

Anna means gracious in Greek and the set pieces (there is a necklace / pendant and a pair of earrings) are exactly that: a gracious flow of metal in elegant swirls.

The whole set is a happy accident :) I meant to do something else and it didn't work - at all! So I had this 12" long copper  wires in 18 ga or 20 ga... despite the fact I have a 1 lb roll, I could not throw them out, so I started to play with them and before I knew it I had the first earring done. I loved it so much I simply had to make a whole set :) Of course they match quite nicely with the rings too.

And that's it for today... I'll be back tomorrow with the Miss Erin's Challenge of Colour (which was a challenge!) and on Saturday with Lisa's Holiday Floral hop (which was a surprise for me - the result... you must come back and see that one!)


  1. Gorgeous set~love the lines and swirls and the happy accident! This was absolutely meant to be :-) And love the name is my daughter's name.

  2. Foarte frumoase !Interesante "numele" bijuteriilor !


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