Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love and Light - event in honour of Tanya Boden aka Fusion Muse

If you've been in the jewelry design circles for more than a few months and you're on the 'usual suspects' groups like Bead Soup Cafe and a few others - you must have heard about Tanya.

I didn't know her very well - we met during the CBC's destash event back in August and we shared a few late-night chats (I'm a night owl and she was on the other side of the world, in Thailand). I bought some beauties from her - including my precious Larimar cabs and some gorgeous rubies  and we talked about life and humanity...

I knew she was sick and around December she posted less and less - which is never a good sign. But I hoped she'll get better. Early January we received the sad news: Tanya is not with us anymore, she has moved in spirit and hopefully she is not in pain anymore.

After the shock dissipated a little bit the idea of an event to honour her memory and her incredible love of life was formed. We have decided to have it two ways: a blog hop and a simple Facebook event (on the group she founded a few months back) for those who have no blogs to post.

Love and Light blog hop: Remembering Tanya Boden aka Fusion Muse

The rules are simple: make a piece in her memory. It can be made with materials you have bought from her (God knows many of us have an incredible amount of such resources) or not. She loved life with passion - and that's should your piece show: life & light!

The date of this Blog Hop & Faceboo event is is Sunday, February 17th and the sign-ups are going to be open until a week before (February 10th).

What do you need to do next?

  • Sign up - by leaving a comment below - please make sure you leave your name, email and blog address I can use!
  • If you don't have a blog and you're part of the Fusion Muse Facebook group - on the 17th you can upload your pictures onto the FB group; Leah from Beady Eyed Bunny is going to set up the album there
  • If you'd like to share with your followers the news about this Blog Hop and FB event - please do so by using the image above on your blog or by copy / paste the following code in your blog to display the picture:

  • Create a piece that will honour Tanya's memory - there are no rules here! Your choice of piece, materials, theme. It doesn't have to be jewelry either - maybe you're a fabulous painter or drawing artist and you knew her... by all means, create something from the heart!

Most of all - remember her smile and her love for life! Hugs & love, Tanya, wherever you are!


  1. Solange Collin
    [email protected]
    Blog: http://www.blog.ahowinjewelry.com

    I am more than happy to take part of the event to honour such a wonderful woman. She was a light on the internet world. Love and Light I love this powerful words that was Tanya :)

  2. im surely in
    im a new blogger and have no clue what im doing so my blog is a bit boring but i will make a post with what im doing. already made something that was meant to be sent to her

    1. forgot to add my blog : http://lisssilverwing.blogspot.ro/

  3. I will definitely be there, my blog address is http://cherryobsidia.blogspot.co.uk/
    Tanya meant so much to so many of us...x

  4. I bought a few things from Tanya. I'm in.


  5. I'm in! Miss talking to Tanya.


  6. I'm definitely in. :)

  7. Can you email me if you're still taking people?

  8. I haven't posted that I am going but you've seen me post on the group :)


  9. I found my blog..............



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