Monday, January 28, 2013


It is not very often when the house gets quiet - and then I realize I almost don't know what to do with myself :) Almost...

Tonight the house is quiet earlier than usual - at 9:30 my boys are both sleeping soundly, and the dogs have found a place to lay down and relax as well.

So I will share with you a pendant I made for a friend - a little bit of tinkering with etched copper and Swarovski crystals (one for each member of her family), a handmade hook clasp, and voila, a fully personalized necklace:

Family (copper, Swarovski) ooak necklace:: All Pretty Things

Now I'll get back to doing some work! Enjoy your evening & week :)


  1. This is one lucky friend. First to have you as a friend and then to receive this lovely gift.
    It is what it is all about right?
    Thank you for your well wishes for me.

  2. Such a beautiful set. I love the symplicity of your creations, even if they are not simple to make. Can I come to your house and just drool?

  3. O wow, how lovely -- the crystals are a brilliant touch and set off the copper beautifully :)


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