Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gemstones: Amethyst

Amethyst cluster (William's) :: All Pretty Things
William's Amethyst cluster from our
1st Rock and Gemstone show
Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones: the birthstone of February, it is believed to protect against negative energies and focus the positive energies, bring pleasant dreams, and help in meditation. With its wonderful purple shade, amethyst has long been a symbol of power, wisdom, magic, creativity, royalty.

Its name comes from Ancient Greek words a- (not) and methustos (intoxicated): meaning, literary, a protector against drunkenness :) Ancient Greeks and Romans would make mugs from amethyst, believing that if you drink from them, you will not get drunk.

Also in the ancient times - people believe amethyst would protect them, if they showed bravery. That made amethyst a very popular stone between army men... in modern days the belligerent aspect faded away, and the stone became a protector for spirit, energy.

Mysticism: amethyst, quartz, Czech crystal, sterling silver, OOAK necklace :: All Pretty Things
Mysticism: amethyst, quartz, Czech crystal, sterling silver

The Breastplate of Aaron, the Jewish High Priest contained 12 stones, one for each tribe (these 12 stones are the basis of today's 12 birthstones). On the 3rd row, the 1st Spiritual row - there is an Amethyst, a symbol of dream and wisdom.

Purple beads: amethyst, Czech crystal :: All Pretty Things

A beautiful and powerful stone - and easy to work with too!

Spring: amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, glass beads, silver cuff :: All Pretty Things
Spring (cuff): amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, glass beads, silver

I must admit I own exactly one piece of purple clothing, however lots of my jewelry pieces are using amethyst :) I am drawn to it, as I am drawn to the colour purple.

What's your favourite gemstone or crystal?


  1. What beautiful pieces! That cuff is beautiful and joyful :-)
    I am very drawn to any type garnet and to carnelians. Those are my current favorites.

  2. I LOVE amethyst - love it! I think I love it so much because purple is my Mother's favorite color. Thanks for the fascinating education of this gorgeous gemstone!

    I have so many favorites - too many to list - but Lapis is on the top of my list! Some of the veining naturally occuring in this gem is mesmerizing to me. Coupled with the fact that blue is my favorite color - it's a win win! A few years ago, I had the vacation of a lifetime - Italy - and learned that so much about lapis used in the "ancient" paintings - the study of gemstones and their "meanings" always excites me!

  3. I do like Amethyst but my most favorite stone is Chrysocolla.
    Great post.

  4. oh that is excellent - an amethyst mug so you don't get drunk? I couldn't possibly pick a favorite stone ... I love too many of them, and LOVE amethyst

  5. Oh ! M-ai copleşit ! Ştii că Ametistul ( special am scris cu literă mare, am pentru el de-a dreptul o adoraţie )este una din marile mele slăbiciuni, nu numai în materie de pietre preţioase sau semipreţioase.
    Ambele podoabe sunt extraordinar de frumoase, felicitări pentru reuşită şi la mai mare !

  6. P.S. Încă n-am avut puterea să mă detaşez şi să comentez ceva la textul din 12 ianuarie, sper să găsesc puterea şi cuvintele potrivite într-un viitor cât mai apropiat-- Cititorii blogului tău trebuie să ştie , totuşi, că am citit şi încărcătura emoţională este atât de mare , încât chiar şi gândul la acest text mă copleşeşte .
    Până voi putea scrie, trebuie să spun măcar un Mare "Mulţumesc !"


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