Monday, February 11, 2013

Love and Light blog hop: the participants

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Love and Light Blog Hop :: All Pretty Things
This coming Sunday we will get together and remember Tanya Boden of Fusion Muse: a wonderful person, a gentle soul, who's probably smiling upon us right now.

The rules were simple: create a piece (or many) that will remind you of Tanya and honour her memory. It could be done with components or materials from her, as many of us have huge stashes with pieces from Tanya. Write a nice post about why you chose that specific piece - and come to chat along about Tanya and her spirit.

The list of participants is below:

Host: Alicia Marinache All Pretty Things

Solange Colling Ahowin Handcrafted Jewelry
Liss Silverwing
Cherry Obsidia
Rana Lea
Leah Curtis
Lori Anderson

Just a few more days - I will see you back all on Sunday, February 17th!

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