Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Time To Stitch #4 - it's here!

Welcome to the 4th edition of the 'A Time To Stitch' adventures hosted by Therese and Christine.

While not a bead weaver, I love participating in this specific challenge because it forces me to learn a new stitch (or two) every time... I might not keep at it, but I love learning new things (don't start me on learning right now, I am in my 2nd week of back-to-school and I love every moment :) ), I found bead weaving very relaxing, and I sometimes get to incorporate some of the knowledge I gather in bead weaving into other mediums. Win-win-win situation :)

The stitches for this 4th round where netting, spiral rope, chevron and - I forgot the 4th one, sorry, I am 100% sure you'll find at least one of the participants who used it :)

From all these stitches I was most interested in the spiral rope. I started it for another challenge:

It is going in the right direction and I still love it very, very much... however, to my complete dismay our LBS had no beading needles in stock and I had only one left, must be size 20, because nothing goes through its ears, definitely not my thread! After spending about an hour (if not more) on that minuscule piece I decided I cannot afford the time, so I put it aside until (1) my LBS stocks up on larger beading needles or (2) I get to another store that sells them!

With that I had to go back to the net. It started, again, well:

A time to stitch #4 ~ netting :: All Pretty Things

Almost - as you can see the top border is quite flat compared to the bottom one. Which makes for an interesting fan-effect: it would be perfect for a beaded collar. There are 2 issues with that idea: (1) I really wanted it to be a bracelet, so I started it on elastic thread, to make it a cuff with no closures and (2) it's illustrated by the next picture:

A time to stitch #4 ~ netting :: All Pretty Things
I ran out of the main colour!! Which happened the next day *after* I went to the LBS for needles... so it'll have to wait until I get there again (the seed beads are from the local store, luckily for me).

Now what? I can't possibly go through a challenge with not one, but two unfinished pieces!

Back to the attic, rummaged through my seed beads box for something that holds enough pieces from *one* colour. Found it, back in the living room - started it once... nope, one of the borders still not good... undo... watch the video from beadaholique... try again... nope, still not good (BTW - the video really doesn't show how to turn on the *other* side, only talks about the first side!)... undo... take a piece of paper and draw dots of what I want. Now we're talking!!

Needless to say, once I had my diagram (can you believe I actually drew a diagram?! dedication, my friends, dedication! LOL) it went quite well:

A time to stitch #4 ~ netting :: All Pretty Things

Originally the cuff had 3 full 'diamonds' on the height - but it looked 'cheap'... so I continued working on the horizontal this time (luckily for me the pattern allows it). I added one more row, still had some beads left, added a second row... and 4 links before the end... no more beads. I just gathered everything that looked similar and while you can see the difference (the gold is more whitish, and the brown is more reddish), I can live with it.
A time to stitch #4 ~ netting :: All Pretty Things

I also made one mistake on one of these 4 links and added one extra bead... I see it, but I can, again, live with it :)

A time to stitch #4 ~ netting :: All Pretty Things

If I ever get back to this stitch I would love to make real beaded cuffs for a blouse - it will have to be a special one :) but the effect will be majestic.

Until then - I'll wear my special cuff :)

Thank you, again, our lovely hostesses, Therese and Christine!

Please make sure you visit the rest of the participants and be prepared to be amazed - there are some true bead weaving wizards among us :)

Hosted by Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller

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2.  Janet Bocciardi
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  1. Oh! These are pretty. I am just loving all the colors in your cuff!!!

  2. I was having a lot of the issues you were having with the flat netting and the edges. It wound up being more frustrating than I thought. That you were determined to show a finished piece is a testament to your character. Your not finished netting colors are beautiful and it will be beautiful when it is done because it is already beautiful. Your finished is gorgeous! I love the colors and the whole vibe of the piece. And that it is stretchy. The stretchy part would really intimidate was that thread to work with? Keep spiraling, Alicia~ it is looking good!!! Thanks for your willingness to participate in this event :-) I love seeing your name in hops!

  3. It could still be possible to "save" the first netted bracelet: when you've finished, go to an accent bead at the wider side, then pick up as many main beads as you have at the turns on the other side (seems you have 3 or 4), go through the next point accent bead, pick up main beads, go through point accent bead,...

    You've shown quite a bit of dedication here, with streching thread and your finished piece (which is really cool)! Getting the turns right in netting still usually requires me to draw a diagram, but after the first two turns of a piece it's easier 'til the finish. I think this is the diagram I learned netting with (text is in Finnish, but maybe the diagram is clear enough?).

  4. I am psyched that you used stretchy thread for the netting pieces. I would not have thought of it, but the cuffs are so cool! I love the second one and you are right .. the extra rows definitely make the piece.

    I love the colors you chose for the middle bracelet and can't wait to see it finished. I think Peikkonen's idea of linking the points on the wider side might work and make that end less wide.

    I also can't wait to see how your spiral stitch ends up.

    I know the feeling about needles. MY LBS only carry long beading needles and I am used to sharps. Every so often I forget to order more sharps and run out. :( It's almost torture having to wait for more needles.

  5. You are funny! Love the idea of elastic thread. I'd be so afraid of breakage - have you used it before with success? You've got some great pieces started - love the colors in the spiral. That last cuff looks like a lot of fun to wear. Using a blend like that makes it very wearable.

  6. Great stick-to-it-iveness! I do love the colors from the middle one too, it will be great to see it done! Love the cuff! Good luck!

  7. You tickle me girl! I'm so proud of you for participating in a challenge for an area of design that you don't even work in! And then, to patiently keep on, even through the challenges. Love the final result, and I think you will really enjoy wearing it. High five, my friend!

  8. I love how determined you were (I was going to say "stubborn") to get the best out of those little devils, Alicia :)
    The colours of your last bracelet look so rich! Glad you are finding that beading is a stress-reliever from your busy time attending classes again.

  9. You're doing good with netting - keep on and I'm sure the final piece will be very nice. I love the last cuff and the colors you've used!!! And what a great idea to use the elastic thread! I'm really curious how it feels one the wrist!

  10. Hi Alicia,
    I am loving where you are headed with the spiral rope and would love to see it when it is finished. Net stitch was a new one for me so I can not give any advise on how to fix your flat net cuff. I do how ever like what I see and the other cuff is beautiful I like the color and style. Thank you for participating in mine and Christine's ATTS challenge you have come a long way for the first time you tried your hand at bead weaving. I hope you will join us in ATTS 5.

  11. Alicia, I love all of your pieces. I think the idea of using elastic thread is a good one but I hadn't considered it because netting is a new stitch to me. Your first netting can be 'corrected' to be what you wanted to be - a symetrical netted bracelet You'll have to connect the grey beads, at the bottom, with 3 metallic beads in between and your pattern will be ok. Good luck.

  12. Hi Alicia, How fun to see your name on the roster of participants. You are so honest in sharing your stops and starts. I seem to always hit a speed bump or two when working on a challenge. But your cuff is amazing and what a great idea to incorporate them into a blouse! Genius!

  13. I totally know your pain on needles and sizes! but I love where that spiral is going! and that first netting piece is really gorgeous - the colors are wonderful! I do really like the idea of stretch thread for the second one - brilliant! that was my problem struggling with the closure. Bravo! keep going!

  14. I like the variation in bead color on your cuff. I am so guilty of starting a project with not enough beads to finish it. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn't. I hope you get more needles and are able to finish the spiral rope!

  15. Ha, there are never enough seedbeads! ;) I love the cuff, but the colors in the spiral rope appeal to me, too. Hope I don't miss the finished piece.

  16. Your cuff is beautiful Alicia. I love the colors you chose.

  17. Wonderful story, what an adventure. I love your bracelet and those little imperfections just add tons of character. Great job!

  18. I'm so glad it"s not just me that has so much trouble finishing pieces! Usually I put mine down somewhere safe halfway through a project and someone 'tidies up'. Half-finished piece never to be seen again!
    I hope you finish your first two pieces, they are looking gorgeous. And your finished cuff is beautiful. Golden bohemian.

  19. You go, girl! :-) Talk about persistence....and that bracelet is beautiful! This sounds like such fun, I have to keep my eye out for the signups next time.


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