Saturday, January 25, 2014

Focus on Life: January ~Minimalist: The Word(s)

Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime is hosting another year long challenge which is... sublime... as you'd expect with such a studio name. The challenge is named 'Focusing on Life' and for 2014 Sally is choosing a monthly theme, with a different prompt each week.

January's theme is 'Minimalist' and this week's theme is 'The Word(s)':

There are so many words, a simple grouping of letters that bombard us everyday, that impact our everyday life. They make us think, effect our purchasing of items and influence how we view ourselves. This week we will focus on words. What word speaks to you, makes you laugh, makes you feel good about your being and who you are in that moment. Is there a word that stands out, you find interesting, you think is fun to say.

I have already chose my word for 2014, and it is explained a bit in a previous post: Attain.

Today is a splendid winter day, one I would enjoy even more if I hadn't had quite enough of winter already (since 2 weeks before Christmas the temperatures never rose above freezing point and everything is white, white, white, as it snows at least once every 2 weeks... ). Since complaining about the weather won't help me too much (it won't help me at all, if we are honest), I made a fire and I was ready to enjoy it when the sun suddenly came out. Time for a picture! or two :)

Focus on Life: The word of 2014: attain ~ achieve, accomplish, reach, gain :: All Pretty Things

Here we have my word, in a very minimalist context - from the Webster's thesaurus, a trio of books I bought when we arrived to Canada (it is one of the first books, if not *the first* :) ).

Focus on Life: The word of 2014: attain ~ achieve, accomplish, reach, gain + smiley mug :: All Pretty Things

And here we have my word smiling at us - from my very happy mug, one I put on the table every now and then, it always makes me smile :)

Thanks for stopping by, stay warm and safe - and if you're inside please go see what other words are happily jumping at you!


  1. It's always interesting (to me) how seeing the word with it's meaning just makes it more real. It's a great word to use for the year. I hope you attain all you strive for :)

  2. What a great word!! Like Annette, I hope you attain all your strive for this year :)
    Blessings x

  3. What a great word and photos, I love the way the sun is highlighting the text on the second photo.. The big yellow smiley mug would make me smile too.

  4. Wonderful sunny photo to brighten what is a gray day here. Love your word choice!

  5. We get snow and then rain .. finally found my car on Tuesday first time since mid dec.... OF course we got more snow, wind and rain today! Hope you do attain your goals! Love your mug!

  6. Great word and great mug to keep you going in the cold winter and attain anything you want.

  7. A great choice for your word. I love your photo too!

  8. I love the big smile. I also hope that you attain what you want

  9. Attain is a wonderful word. From reading your blog I can tell that you have a lot on your plate for this year. I have confidence that you will indeed attain all that you strive for.


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