Friday, February 28, 2014

She made / She made / She... didn't :)

Therese and Christine are hosting an adventure they embarked long time ago: they sent each other a package of beads and each month they design some beauties with it. Every now and then they extend the adventure to other designers - and for February I sneaked in as well, due to Therese's generosity!

Unfortunately, the crazy real life took a front row place this past month - and I won't be able to show you what I made. But I can show you what I received:

It is a lovely clay face by Susan C Clayton. I must admit - for the very first time in my life I am stumped :) The way I've seen faces incorporated is by bead-weaving a bezel... and you know by now that's most likely not the road I'm going to take. I haven't taken a picture of the back, but it has a lovely thumb imprint, and I just want to leave that space exposed, free.

So - still looking for ideas... I have high hopes for this weekend, I hope I'm going to be able to visit Dee's studio and work on it, so maybe I'll have something to show next week.

To see what everybody else created with their sleepy faces, please make sure you visit this month's participants:

Therese & Christine <- our lovely hosts

Alicia <- this is where you are :)


  1. Hi Alicia,
    I am looking forward to seeing what you create. This little face was quite a challenge for me as well, but with my muse's constant punching um I mean pushing I got through it. Thank you for participating in this challenge.

  2. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be awesome. Yes, the thumbprint is/was very cool, but my design just didn't lead me in that direction. I'm looking forward to seeing how you keep it exposed as well as the rest of your design soon. :)

  3. I am comforted that so many of us didn't want to cover the thumbprint. I really thought it was me being weird when continued feeling that way. There was a point where I thought of gluing a bail on and calling it done. That way the thumbprint really would be mostly exposed. Looking forward to seeing where you take her, Alicia!

  4. I'm sure with a peek at the variety of ways the others have approached, plus some "me" time, you will have the aha moment, Alicia :)

    Have a restful weekend!

  5. Alicia, this was a stumper for a long time for me, too. I know that when you get that "aha", you'll be off and running -- and I can't wait to see what you make!

  6. I'm sure you'll design will come and it will be beautifully your style Alicia! Can't wait to see it come to life :)


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