Sunday, May 1, 2016

(Orthodox) Easter

As usual, every four years or so we celebrate really, really later - it has to do with the moon cycle and the new / old calendar. So here we are, starting the month of May with Easter!

Christ Has Risen! ~ All Pretty ThingsThis time my house had to be pleased with the harmony... as there was no time to clean anything (we usually do a serious spring cleaning at Easter, complete with washing all the windows, the walls, the doors... it's crazy, time-consuming, but oh, so squeaky-clean!). Not this time. It was barely time for cooking, we just finished the eggs :) The special meat-loaf was a must, but no sweet bread (Florin is the one eating it, and he's in Germany this week, we'll probably make the sweet bread next week). The cheese 'Pasca' is done as well, so I consider it done.

But I filled the house with flowers and hopefully good spirit. Which is, ultimately, what matters. Knowing what we celebrate and why and understanding the gravity of the moment. Preparing for Christmas is a joyful journey - preparing for Easter is a mixed one. On one hand, you must be sad for His pain and for what He went through for us, on the other hand, you must be happy knowing it's just a few more hours until everything is beautifully right in the world!

So from our family to you: may you be blessed and may your path be lighten up.

Christ Has Risen!

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