Thursday, January 9, 2014

On Happiness

I stumbled upon an article - one of those rare gems of deep beauty. It's in Romanian (my English-speaking readers can try to translate it) and I won't attempt a translation.

However, I'll attempt to describe it. At the time of writing, the author has just returned from a  pilgrimage to the Holy Land (the Christian churches in Israel). During his trip he describes 4 revelations he had while interacting with the monks and Holy Parents.

The 4 revelations are translated into 4 questions / actions, as follows:

  • Relinquish your need / wish to impress others
  • Relinquish your need to always be right
  • Leave the past alone
  • What stops us from being happy all the time? The answer: the GOSSIP we participate in and perpetuate (with all its ramifications: envy, critical view of others, judgement, frustrations, etc.)
And these, my friends, are indeed, the pillars of The Temple of Happiness. 

It is, indeed, as simple as that: be yourself, be wrong sometimes, be present, don't even talk or think about what others do / think / have / make etc. 

You can read the full article right here:


  1. I am SOOO guilty of #2 and#3, Alicia! I will get an automatic translation once my Chrome browser stops being petulant. Of course I went the page regardless with my less helpful Firefox :) I am always amazed at how many words jump off the page as "similar" to languages I have familiarity with to a greater or lesser degree (French, Latin, Spanish, Italian). Especially as you have already explained the context. Automatic translators of course miss the real beauty of individual texts, especially when expressing the nuance of subjects like this. Hopefully as more multilingual users contribute, this will improve!

  2. Am citit articolul, foarte interesant şi demn de cugetat şi de aplicat....

    1. My mom read the article and finds it interesting and worthy of thinking about it, and (more important) of applying it! Thanks, mom :)


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