Friday, January 24, 2014

We all matter

I haven't disappeared (or not completely) - just trying to find out that fine balance between a new adventure (school), family, business, and preparing for another adventure at the end of the month.

Speaking of balance... hubby sent me this amazing video - it's a tad long... but watch it closely for the first 2 minutes, then you can jump towards the end... for a reminder that no matter how small we are (or we think we are!) we are all very important in the mesh of things we call Universe.

Quite incredible, eh?

Now go and be a feather to your own Universe :)
And on a not-so-good day remember: we are all feathers and we are all so incredibly important!


  1. Incredible and mesmerizing indeed, Alicia... like a feather we are seemingly insignificant yet vital. A conundrum :)

  2. Amazing video! I have shared it on FB because everyone must see it!

  3. Aşa ceva trebuie văzut, nu există cuvinte pentru a caracteriza sau descrie, e, pur şi simplu, de necrezut ! Măiestrie, perspicacitate, precizie, fineţe, iar fondul muzical e , în sine, perfect !


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