Monday, January 6, 2014

Gemstone beads for the Year of Horse

Aahh... astrology and gemstones ~ two of my favourite subjects :) My approach to astrology is to take the positive energy and run with it, and simply ignore the negative energy (or prepare, at least).

My approach to gemstone is chaotic: I like what I like and I wear what I like.

My friends from Beading Daily posted today some lucky or good-energy gemstones that work well with the Year of Horse. And guess what? They chose some of my favourite stones:
  • aquamarine
  • emerald
  • topaz
Oh, yes... I really need to get myself some emerald, that's my birthstone and soon-to-be my year anniversary stone (we just celebrated 20 years since we met!!)

From the article: In some traditions, topaz is believed to attract wealth and money -- useful for the predicted upheavals in world economies during the year of the horse. Topaz is also believed to allow one to follow their dreams and aspirations, leading to a more productive life. And in the Chinese year of the horse, it's all about taking action and seeing results!

Follow dreams, taking action, and seeing results - that's all I need this year!

I need to do something with my beautiful topaz crystals. Look at these beauties (mind you, they are very, very, very small!)
Topaz crystals :: All pretty Things

To read the entire Beading Daily article, please check here.


  1. so pretty! and love the meaning behind the topaz! We just celebrated our 20th as well, but didn't realize it was emerald? that was my wedding ring - an emerald ... love that stone. Oh, who am I kidding .... I love pretty much all stones!

    1. Happy 20th anniversary! wishing you many more happy years :)
      I need to get myself an emerald - that's my birthstone...

  2. Asta înseamnă că trebuie să caut ceva bijou cu aquamarin--e piatra zodiei mele, pe lângă alte câteva .
    Oricum , mie îmi plac pietrele de orice fel, adun de oriunde ce mi se pare interesant ca formă, aspect, culori , linii de culoare , iar cele preţioase sau semipreţioase au asupra mea un efect de fascinaţie pură, mai ales safirul, malachitul ametistul, cuarţul , aquamarinul, smaraldul, şi, ce mai, toate, lăsînd la urmă cele negre --magnetitul, spre ex.


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