Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Creative Continuum of 7 Artists - May preview

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Welcome to a new CC7A - the lovely group of 7 artist friends who are creating on a given theme each month, with someone's choice of beads.

There are no hard rules - we 'met' late fall and sent each other a package of goodies, and as they all came around December, it felt like Christmas every day when a new package would arrive!

I missed April, I will post in a few days my 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds' creation, based on Therese's choice of beads (her own diacritic glass cab and an assortment of lovely beads). April has been a crazy, crazy month for me: the school has piled a lot, then Easter, then our first competition of the season... by the last day of April my body had enough and it told me in no questionable terms. Hence I spent the following week mostly resting and taking it very, very, *very* easy. I still am on a lower speed than my usual Formula One :) And that's why I am behind with a few tasks (but I did my taxes in time!).

Anyhow... I am hosting the CC7A in May! And since my laptop decided to take a break too, it has been completely wiped a couple of weeks ago (on purpose, by my skillful hubby). I thought I backed-up everything, but I cannot find the pictures I took of my packages. Truth be spoken ~ I cannot remember if I took them off the camera back in November... Oh, well... It's a pity, because I loved the combinations, and I also made the boxes myself, from Christmas cards. Hopefully one of my lovely friends took a picture for me :)

This is (partially) what went out: a cab of green moss agate (not pictured), pink quartz, picture jasper, and amazonite, along a strand of the same beads in 8 mm (I believe). All from Robert Hall Originals, a local shop and much more than a shop (lapidary studio and what not). I bought them at the Gemstone and Rock Show, back in September - we have 2 close by, one in April, one in September and I love both.

Please come back in a week - next Monday it is the 5th reveal of the CC7A adventure.


  1. I hope you're feeling better Alicia! and I can not wait to see what everyone did with these gorgeous cabs .... see you in a week :)

  2. Keep taking it "easy", my dear ;) As usual, I think I got the prettiest cab *TeeHee* I was hoping I could find the photos I took... if you remember, my parcel was delivered to a neighbour's house, who inadvertently opened it before realizing her error. No harm done, though :) Can't wait to see what everyone made!

  3. Visiting for BSBP8 but glad I saw this too. Love the CC7A & love the beautiful gemstone treasures. Look forward to seeing everyone's creations!

  4. I hope you are still taking it easy, Alicia. It is hard to slow down when that is not your normal personality. I am eager for this reveal! I am really proud of what I made with your stash!!! I finished it back in February so the anticipation is driving me nuts! I still have the lovely handmade box, I just have to find where I put it. If I find it before the reveal, I will take a photo.


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