Sunday, January 18, 2015

The circle of love ~ CC7A

While writing my Christmas cards I thought to extend the CC7A for a little while. Luckily for me, the lovely ladies (Christine, Cynthia, Sally, Therese, Monique, and Emma) all agreed so here we are, with the first extension (more to come on another extension, soon).

Unfortunately my plan failed miserably - at least for the US letters. I added in the envelopes these lovely circles of love, meant to create a larger circle of love:

There are jasper, cherry quartz, turquoisite (hematite) and orange calcite doughnuts - not very large, but quite lovely.

The problem, you'll ask? We can only assume there is some sort of machine that squeezed my envelopes when crossing the border (the Canadians received the envelope just fine)... because none of the stones made it across the border.

Since we are all hoarders artists, most of them found a similar item in their own stash or just bought a similar one (I still feel bad at the thought! it was meant to be a gift for a get-together).

This being said - we agreed upon a date, March 28th to show what we all have created with the gemstone doughnuts.

I hope we'll see you on March 28th to see what we made - well, we'll see you at the beginning of March, with a preview of the stone.


  1. Happy to be a part of the circle, no matter how many hoops I had to jump through to get there :-)

  2. Nice to get the gang back together! Will be fun to see what everyone does with their Donuts!

  3. Thanks for continuing the challenge! I love how we all have the same or similar components or inspiration and how each design develops so differently!! Can't wait for the reveal!!!


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