Monday, April 27, 2015

Bead Peeps - Swap 'N Hop

Beed Peeps Swap 'n Hop, May 2 reveal :: All Pretty ThingsI just realized I never talked about one of the challenges that comes up soon. A new (to me, at least) group, Bead Peeps is hosting a Swap 'N Hop challenge (very similar to Lori's wonderful BSBPs from the past). The idea is exactly the same: you register, you get partnered, you swap goodies, you make things with your package of goodies, you post your results.

The sign-ups were all the way back in January, the swaps took place at the end of February, early March. The reveal itself is on Saturday!! Screetch... I never talked about my amazing partner! or about what she sent me or I sent her. Apologies to all.

I'll take a moment now to rectify that.

I first was partnered with Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard. Why 'at first'? because apparently there was a mistake made during pairing and Tammy was not to be my partner. Sad face. However, I got another, equally wonderful partner: Maire of Thistledown. Happy face!

Maire and I exchanged a few emails, trying to learn more about each other. We found lots of similarities, some crazy ones too :) And we figured out we both have the same eclectic style, loving metal and stones and what-not.

I put together my package: not a very big one, I am afraid, but all items were very dear to me: a ceramic leaf from Marla's Mud, a glass cab by one of the CC7A artists, Therese's Treasure, a few brass elements, etched by myself, polymer clay by Tina @ Bead Comber, a shell I picked in Myrtle Beach a couple of summers back, and a few accompanying elements.

Beed Peeps Swap 'n Hop, May 2 reveal ~ ceramic, Marla's Mud, Therese's Treasures glass cab, Myrtle beach shell, Bead Comber's polymer clay :: All Pretty Things

The package from Maire gave both of us some palpitations - somehow Canada Post messed up their info an on USPS' side it showed that the package is lost somewhere here, in the city. Luckily for us, it was at the post office, just not marked as such.

I came home and started getting through my treasure - and what a treasure box it was!

Beed Peeps Swap 'n Hop, May 2 reveal ~ Maire of Thistledown :: All Pretty Things

Beed Peeps Swap 'n Hop, May 2 reveal ~ Maire of Thistledown :: All Pretty Things

She painted the box! With spring elements, that were more than welcome in our crazy end of March / beginning of April (it's still barely over 10 C here).

Beed Peeps Swap 'n Hop, May 2 reveal ~ Maire of Thistledown :: All Pretty Things

She added a sparkly card...

Beed Peeps Swap 'n Hop, May 2 reveal ~ Texas key chain :: All Pretty Things

... and some cute items from her son to mine. The funniest part is that the state key chain is made in... Canada! :)

And then I started to unwrap goodies:

Beed Peeps Swap 'n Hop, May 2 reveal ~ raisin cab, seed beads :: All Pretty Things

Beads in all sort of sizes, shapes, and colours, plus resin cabs she made - love them!

Beed Peeps Swap 'n Hop, May 2 reveal ~ glass, shell, ceramic, crystal :: All Pretty Things

Somehow our minds really worked on the exact same wave length! The colours we sent each other were similar, the components too - look at the beach elements... in the same pink as the ones I sent her! isn't that funny? Mother of pearl components, beautiful glass and a couple of ceramic tubes I fell in love with.

Beed Peeps Swap 'n Hop, May 2 reveal ~ glass, shell, wood, crystal :: All Pretty Things

More beautiful beads, along with some wood / nutshell carved ones.

Beed Peeps Swap 'n Hop, May 2 reveal ~ glass, shell, polymer clay, crystal, seed beads :: All Pretty Things

More polymer clay (made by my lovely partner), more beautiful colours, some beautiful turquoise like beads, and a hunk of sari silk! I hoard cherish the silk whenever I can get my hands on it!

Beed Peeps Swap 'n Hop, May 2 reveal ~ wire, copper, brass, metal leaves, tree of life, fancy clasp :: All Pretty Things

Wire and findings, including a couple of clasps, and brass elements she cut and etched and hammered herself. Look at those oak leaves and the tree of life! Absolutely in love! One of my favourite symbols is the tree of life, and the Celtic-like depiction is perfect, as I love all thing Celt as well :)

My family always teases me (in a loving way) when I get a package - I get so excited and happy! This time was no different, I almost jumped and I sure annoyed my boys with the 'oh, wow!' that came after unwrapping each little package.

I have already started to work on them (of course, we are just 5 days away from the reveal!!) and I absolutely love what comes from them. I will not be able to use everything by Saturday, but I will hopefully make justice to the generosity and kindness of my partner!

Thank you, Maire, again!

And to you, my lovely visitor, my thanks for stopping by today - please make sure you come again on Saturday, it's going to be an amazing party!


  1. I can't wait until tomorrow!!!! I so appreciate the items you sent. they are so pretty and I have had such a great time making jewelry with them!!! Thank YOU!!

  2. What a treasure box of goodies. I know just how you feel Alicia all of us beady people get just a little overly excited when we get packages in the mail. especially the ones that we have no idea what is in them. I will be going to your reveal post now.


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