Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Are you a 'no-reply' blogger? [Tuesday Tips]

Lately I get a tad more comments on this blog (thank you all!) and while I would *love* to send an email reply to each and every one of them... I cannot. Why? Because the name (not Anonymous) is not linked to an email address, but rather to the infamous 'no-reply@ blogger.com'. I can't tell you how many times I have actually edited the whole answer before I realized it will go... nowhere!

So what can you do? You can change your profile so the email is linked automatically to your Google profile.

Why? So people can connect to you easily - and because you won't feel lonely after you leave a reply on someone's blog and you get no attention.

How? This is an excellent article on how to do it.


Are there other technical questions you'd like to find an answer for? ask away - I might be able to help :) Even if I don't - I will find an answer for you.


  1. Alicia, This is an excellent post. So helpful. I'll check it right now. Some times I wonder about the comments I leave in others blogs and also wonder if commenters in my blog come back to see my responses. It is too much to ask and your solution is wonderful.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Alicia and for taking the time to comment on my blog and to email me that you were having this post today. We're on spring break week right now, but I'm going to check this out next week and see if I can figure it out and get it to work for my blog!! Thanks again.


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