Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Tip

I have stumbled upon a great (I mean G R E A T) blog article on coiled wire - it tells you how much wire of a specific gauge you need to wire a specific length on another specific gauge.

That's a totally life saver if you like coils as much as I do - when I experiment I used copper directly from the coil. At the end of the experiment I usually scratch my head wondering how much wire was it really in there?! 'Cause if you don't know how much wire you used you cannot do one of 2 things (equally important):

  • You cannot properly price a piece - you don't know what went it, how can you decide how much is worth it?!
  • You cannot write a tutorial for that piece
But now I can (without unwrapping the experiment and measuring the wire, that's it) and you can too:


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this link! I've just started to get into coiling, and this information (so beautifully charted!) is going up on my resource board.


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