Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My little boy...

... is not that little anymore! He turns 10 today - double digits! My little boy...

It has been an interesting journey so far: I think I learned as much from him as he learned from me. There are lots of fears I conquered because I was now in charge of a little human being. There are lots of adventures I embarked on just to show him more than I saw myself. We won't even count the creatures I handled over the years. It's a two-way road: I handled worms and frogs and snakes; he's crafting with me and coming to flower shows and other places a boy might consider 'girly'.

He's blessed in many ways - and he knows about most of them. Does he have everything? God, no! He has what's most important, tough: his family's love and his health, as well as his multiple talents / skills. The rest - it's up to him to grow his 'talants' and multiply them (Matthew 25:14-30).

The other love of my life: William @ 10 :: All Pretty Things

May God give you... 

For every storm, a rainbow, 
For every tear, a smile, 
For every care, a promise, 
And a blessing in each trial. 
For every problem life sends, 
A faithful friend to share, 
For every sigh, a sweet song, 
And an answer for each prayer

Happy birthday, my son! 


  1. Happy Birthday to your Son :-) He sounds like such a Sweet Person from what you write about him in your blog each week. Enjoy!!!

  2. What a handsome little boy he is . Happy Birthday !

  3. Happy birthday, William! Bonne fête!!!

    There's no stopping him now, Alicia. You have put in all these years of love and care, growing right along with him. At some future point he will think he "knows it all", but don't worry... he will quickly learn that Mum can still be a wonderful shelter when life is rocky!

  4. Happy Birthday you your Son Alicia, he is a really cutie! You are raising him to be an all around good man.

  5. Happy birthday , Philip ! Et bon anniversaire !
    My best wishs for you and for your parents !
    Grand-ma Angela.

  6. Florin, you and William...all are truly blessed :) Stay happy ever after :)


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