Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gemstones: Jasper

Last week we have talked about Turquoise - this week is time for Jasper (at Therese's request).

Jasper egg (from my mom) :: All Pretty ThingsJasper is a semi-precious stone, a quartz really - with its myriad of tiny crystals layered inside sometimes Jasper will resemble a landscape picture. Jasper can come in pretty much any colours or colour combinations you can think of (as a result of various minerals mixed inside), but you will usually find it in red, brown, yellow, and green. Sometimes it might even contain small fossils - and most of the times you will find amazing patterns in this gemstones: from landscape-like layers to lines and leopard skin.

Jasper is considered a strong protection stone (especially the red jasper) and it is believed to bring luck and security, and to ease emotional stress. It is a calming, balancing stone and protects the wearer from the negative emotions and feelings.

It is a highly ornamental stone and, besides jewelry, it is also used to carve bowls and other decorative objects. It has been know from antiquity - Egyptians wore it for protection, and it is mentioned in the Bible as the first foundation stone of the New Jerusalem, as a gift from God.

Do you have a gemstone you'd like to learn more about? Leave a comment and I will write about it!


  1. Hi Alicia,
    Thank you for sharing and I learned a thing or two about my favorite gemstone. I just made a commissioned piece for my sister and it has Red Jasper in it I will let her know about the meaning of the Red Jasper.

    1. Thank you, Therese, glad to be of help! I'd love to see your sister's Red jasper piece - please do share :)


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