Sunday, April 15, 2012

On worry

Happy Easter! from all of us at All Pretty Things
One day, the husband receives the news he has to urgently get to another city. Without many preparations he took his family and started the long journey. His wife, not having enough time to get ready, was extremely worried and asked many questions:

- Do you know what route to take?
- If we need to eat, where should we stop?
- If we encounter any car troubles, how would we manage them?

and so on.

Her husband smiled and looked in the mirror. In the back seats, their 2 children were happily and calmly watching the road and enjoying the journey. Curious about how calm they are, she asked them:

- Aren't you worried about this trip?

- Why would we? Daddy's driving!

There are moments in life where it's better to let The Powers (whatever your belief is) guide us: we will be lead to the road where we are called, there is no need for us to worry!

Happy Easter! Christ Has Risen!


  1. So inspirational, Alicia! Thank you.A.

    1. Glad you like it, Adriana, glad you like it!


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