Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bowerbirds decorating

Nature in action - bowerbirds decorating their nests :: All Pretty Things
Just last week my son was watching a documentary on Discovery Channel when something the commenter said caught my attention. I went to watch the movie with him, and I stopped everyone in the house and asked to watch with us.

I couldn't find the actual clip anywhere - but if you have a chance, it is on Discovery Channel, one of the 'Life' documentaries, about birds.

I always knew other animals are smarter than we give them credit (just because we don't understand their way, doesn't mean we are the smarter species!) and I love watching documentaries like this: imagine a male bird decorating their 'love parlour' (not really the actual nest, just a place to attract the female). I mean - really decorating it! Planting flowers in beautiful patterns, or building a 'rug' of sharp-coloured berries... the images are quite amazing.

All I could find were some pictures - watch them and be enchanted!

Discovery Channel: Bowerbirds decorate to find a mate

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