Friday, June 1, 2012

Birds - update

This year seems to be one good for birds - at least the ones at our house.

First - the robins who made their nest right under the roof at our bedroom window. After a few days of chirping and growing, they are off. She laid 4 eggs - and we had to research the number, so we found out it's most likely her first nest, she lays 3-4 eggs the first time and usually 2-3 afterwards. We're patiently waiting for her to come back, watching the chicks on TV was a true gift (they nested right under one of our outdoor camera, so we had live feed 24 x 7 :))

Fuchsia (with bird nest inside) :: All Pretty Things
Last Saturday, I believe, we went to one of the local nurseries to get some plants. Now that the deck is complete, we need to do something about the garden, right? Sure. I have to admit - I didn't want to buy the fuchsia pot first. We had some a few years back and they didn't like it on our porch. Not sure why, just went 'poof' in a couple of weeks. But my son had such a disappointed look in his eyes that after saying 'No' I decided to buy one. He wanted a light pink - and as you probably know by now, my relationship with pink hasn't been a good one. I can barely tolerate the colour, and the light shade with white he picked were way too much for me. I pointed to a fuchsia one (yeah, a fuchsia fuchsia, I know), with some neat purple. He didn't want it ('too colourful'... uh-oh... the manly prejudices are starting to arrive), but after I described how it will give a nice spot of brightness to the porch (our house is wood covered, and painted a deep brown, a tad on the reddish side, but still - brown), he reluctantly agreed to get
Fuchsia (with bird nest inside) :: All Pretty Things
it. Came home, put it up - finished planting everything else... came back inside - my desk is in front of the window that faces the porch, I see the pot when I look out... and what do I see? A little bird (still haven't figured out what could it be) - fade colours (more like a sparrow, but more brownish), with a long beak (compared to the body length) - flying back and forth with... could that be?... what? straws and pieces of papers and grass... are you kidding me?! No - the little bird made a nest right inside out fuchsia pot.

It might be something normal - I just never heard about such a thing!

I haven't managed to take a photo of the bird - she's faster than my reaction time... but I can tell you this: on Thursday she started to lay eggs - and she's now down to five (another one every day). We scarred her twice - looking into the nest while she was there - she flew away and came back... We're now waiting for the chicks to come :)

Same day another bird decided to get inside the house. she pecked at all out living room windows for hours:

Yellow bird, trying to get inside the house, through the window :) All Pretty Things Yellow bird, trying to get inside the house, through the window :) All Pretty Things
Yellow bird, trying to get inside the house, through the window :) All Pretty Things Yellow bird, trying to get inside the house, through the window :) All Pretty Things

And last, but not least, one of the cardinals, in the bush in front of my window:

The Cardinal :: All Pretty Things

Yes, I am quite sure he was watching me :)


  1. Wonderful birds!!! Look forward to baby pictures! :)

    1. Thanks, Kristi - I will as soon as they arrive. So far the mommy is patiently sitting on the eggs.


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