Monday, June 18, 2012

Still on the road :)

We are still on our vacation - we have arrived safely in Pennsylvania Tuesday evening, followed by a day of work and gathering supplies, then another day of working remotely and... training. It's a good thing we checked at the range, I was 100% sure the competition starts on Saturday... and it was starting on Friday!

When we arrived at Keystone Shooting Park (Allen Chubb's amazing facility) we discovered an impressive number of athletes, including the USA Olympian, Corey Cogdell, a couple of Marksmanship athletes, and some junior from the Development Team - along with some old friends, and brand new people. What I love about trapshooting is the sense of community: I found it in the ATA family and now in the International / Olympic family as well.

My shooting wasn't stellar, it couldn't have been with zero training over the winter, after all. But I considered the competition as a high-level training: back home I don't have access to the top-of-the-line facility Allen built here, and the focus during a competition is quite different anyhow. Plus - who knows when I'll get the chance to watch Corey Cogdell compete? I missed the chance to compete with her in a final, since originally we were supposed to be 6 Ladies (ended up only 4) - that would have been something!

The weekend was an amazing one: we met our old PA friends in Elysburg, we made new friends in Keystone, we watched the ATA shoot-offs under the lights, we had fun competing, we watched not one, but three finals at Keystone, and we ended up with 2 medals in the family.

Now we train for a few more days, before moving to Marengo, Ohio!

With the 2008 Bronze medalist, Corey Cogdell @ Keystone Shooting Park
With the 2008 Olympic Bronze medalist, Corey Cogdell
@ Keystone Shooting Park

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