Friday, August 24, 2012

When it rains...

... it pours!

I've been quiet for a little while - first we were on vacation, then I've been trying to get everything in order back home, then life interfered a bit.

Tonight, when I started to write a post I thought it will be just one. Instead, I ended up with about 4 new posts. Mind you - some really short, but posts nonetheless!

So what's new this time?

Well, after a whole month without much jewelry making (designing in my head, but nothing on the table - yet) I decided to get back into gear. How would that be, you ask? By entering to participate in a series of new blog hops and events.

Holiday Bling Blog Hop :: All Pretty Things
First one is Marlene's Holiday Bling Blog Hop - you can read all the details right here. Handmade ornaments exchange - could there be something more fun than that? I don't think so! And rightfully around October, so it gets one into gears for the Holidays.

Then, while browsing Marlene's blog, I re-discovered her post about Tanya's Free Beads for Blogging event. Of course I've completely forgot about it - so I quickly entered and I now keep my fingers crossed.

What else is there? Yes - Jennifer's (of Glass Addictions) splendid idea of a Charm Swap. I've already started to think on how to make the charms, forward thinking, eh? Nah - I'll probably make them last minute, nothing like the last-minute panic attack to create (only half-joking, you know?).

Yeah, when it rains... it truly pours.

What challenges have you entered lately? I need more :)


  1. Hi Alicia,
    I'm participating in the Holiday Bling Blog Hop also, the other two I did not know about till now.

    1. Therese - this is *way* too funny: we are partners for the Holiday Bling Blog Hop :)

      And the other 2 - Tanya's 'Free beads for blogging' is ongoing, you can enter anytime; Jennifer's 'Charm swap' is still open until Monday or Tuesday, please enter!

  2. Thank you for the kind "promo" for my blog. The HBBH (easier than typing it all out) is going to be a kick. It's great that you two oh so talented people are partnered, and it was an absolute luck of the draw!

    1. You're very welcome - the more we spread the word, the more fun we'll all have! And yes - it's a wonderful idea, I already know what I want to send Therese, it's a matter of finding a moment to sit down and work on it. I am thrilled to have Therese as a partner, she's such a wonderful artist and person!


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