Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wire and beads - 5 tips

5 tips for making beautiful wire and bead chains :: All Pretty Things
Exactly like Jennifer, lately I have been working a lot with wire and beads. I love it, I love the feel of wire, I love the versatility of the resulting piece, and I love the infinity of possibilities.

In this article from Beading daily you'll find a tutorial and 5 tips on making the perfect wire components every time. I, too, like to work directly from spool: there is no wire wasted :)

Happy beading!

Beading Daily: 5 tips for making beautiful wire and bead chains


  1. Alicia, I love getting my Beading Daily and Jewelry Making Daily newsletters. They have so many free tips, tricks and techniques, along with those inspirational projects.

  2. I am very new to this beading stuff, and it was great to run across this link! (I found your blog by surfing through the bead soup blog hop blogs.)


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