Monday, November 5, 2012

I thouhgt October was crazy...

Well, it's getting busy and hectic - as I am sure your lives are getting too, since all the Holidays are approaching... fast!

This year I hope I will be able to bake some cookies before Christmas, at least I will try - not very sure when. This weekend is busy (I forgot what with, all I know is that it is busy), next week is the home party show (so between now and then I am madly creating earrings, bracelets, necklaces... as soon as my wire order comes in!), there are a few blog hops I'm in too:

First the Charm Swap - it has been set for Monday, Nov. 12th. Jennifer has already sent the charms, some have already received the charms (and are teasing us!), I'm (im)patiently waiting for my package!

Then there is the Echo Creative Club - I had the honour of being included as a guest participant for November! I am overly excited and anxious too! I've been following the club every month and there is so much beauty being shared that I am suddenly afraid. But I also trust my instincts - when my beads from Jeannie will arrive I am sure my muse will have mercy on me (hmm - anybody has any tips on how to charm your muse in advance?!)

On November 30th is the Challenge of Colour - I missed the 'Evening on the Town' challenge and I couldn't pass this one... although the very next day, December 1st there is Lisa's Holiday Floral challenge. Maybe I should at least start with Lisa's, since it's the only one out of all that I have the ingredients for :)

The following week I am participating in Leslie's [The Gossiping Godess] 'Free Bead Challenge' - she'll be sending us some beauties and we have to create, blog, post about our madness :) That will be on December 12th (easy to remember: 12/12/12!)

Since I had so much fun with the first Holiday Bling challenge I registered for the 2nd one too! My partner is the lovely Rita from Toltec Jewels and I am so happy and honoured to have her as a partner. We already exchanged information on Holiday traditions in each household: that's exactly why I enjoy these swaps / challenges this much: you learn a lot, not only about other people or cultures, you actually learn a lot about yourself in the process!

On the same day of the Holiday Bling #2 reveal (December 15th) there is something else happening in my life - but I will talk about that later. It is an exam, I would love to pass it (I know, I know, it only depends on me, since I have to work for it!) and all your good vibrations and positive thoughts will help to ease my anxiety!

That's probably going to be 'it' for challenges this year - I need to clean the house and bake and cook for Christmas :)


  1. Hi Alicia,
    You are busy, busy, busy, I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful pieces you will be revealing soon.

  2. Looking at your list made me realize that I only signed up for one more this month which is the charm hop. I usually try for two to three but I was trying to behave and get caught up on things before my surgery.

    And my necklace arrived. I just love it and am wearing it now.


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