Friday, November 16, 2012

More challenges :)

You can see the end of the year is fast approaching when deadlines for challenges are dated in the New Year!

Speaking of which - if you haven't checked the Beads Of Courage auction on eBay, now it's the perfect time: you can get yourself some really gorgeous art charms!

I stumbled upon a couple of challenges I couldn't pass on, so here I am with 2 more (for January this time)

The first one is Lori's Memories and Thanks blog hop - even if you don't want to participate, I would encourage you to get to Lori's blog and read about it. I have many memories and tons of people to thank - so my challenge will be to choose one person, probably... and make something to honour them.

The second one - that's an interesting one. On Artisan Whimsy (I really love that place!) it seems there is no shortage of challenges and events (no surprise, with so many teams and artists getting together) and one of them is called "Sufferin' Soutache". I was curious what is it all about - and then I read the tutorial... and I still speechless! I saw this type of embroidery before and I always loved it, but I didn't realize how you make it... now, of course, I must try my hands at it!

Wouldn't you love something like this?! I know I would!

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