Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Time to stitch: #3

Therese and Christine organized the Time to Stitch, edition #3 recently.

This time we had to choose a flat stitch *and* a spiral. I am not fond of flat stitches, but I so wanted to try a spiral and I knew there is no way I'll do it by myself, I need someone to 'push' me, so I signed up.

Life intervened many way, first our original deadline (April 20th) was push almost a month away (today) then things got added, and added, and... enough :) I toyed with the idea of telling Therese I will not be able to participate, then I told myself: "self, it's beading and a thread, stop making excuses and start weaving!".

I'm good at kicking myself into gear, so I did just that.

I chose the Russian spiral and started to look at what kind of seed beads I might have around. Digging enough I came up with probably a #15 in a vintage necklace, one that's older than I am in a beautiful teal colour. For the accent beads all I managed was a #11 in a nice crystal - mind you, it was Sunday evening (yes, this past Sunday!) and the Maple Leafs just tied the series, so it seemed fit to get their colours in :)

It went surprisingly well and after a few inches I had to ask myself what I want to do with it. Since I still don't know how to finish the weaving very well (I wish someone will focus on that, I found tons of patterns, but very little on actual finishing a piece) I decided to stay small and come back later once I figure out how to add a proper clasp to the thing:

Russian spiral in Maple Leafs colours :) Maybe they didn't win this time, but they sure fought well :: All Pretty Things   Russian spiral in Maple Leafs colours :) Maybe they didn't win this time, but they sure fought well :: All Pretty Things

I am thinking earrings - originally I wanted to add a bead stopper at the end too, but now I like them better this way - what do you think?!

The flat stitch I chose was brick... thinking it can't be that bad. Well, it almost was! I had troubles understanding how to increase the darn thing, because, you see... I couldn't go with a flat thinggie, I had to do *this*:

Cleopatra: Brick stitch with fringes and vintage seed beads :: All Pretty Things
Cleopatra: Brick stitch with fringes and vintage seed beads

They were meant to be earrings as well - but... I started them with the above teal beads, only to understand really quickly it won't go well. The beads are not uniform enough, and their inside whole is tiny, it won't allow for the repeated thread going through. So out came the box (I decided to buy no beads for this challenge, as I have a box full of seed beads I am not using!) and I found the gold #6s first. Then the mate white #6 and the white cylinders were supposed to be used anyhow: another vintage strand from home... that one is probably older than my mom is (if memory serves me right, if not my mom will straighten this one up quickly :) )

The brick stitch itself went well and quickly... the fringes gave me tons of troubles (bonus point for who discovers the tiny defect in the fringes!) - but that being said - I actually loved creating this piece. It so spells 'Cleopatra' to me!

Again, not knowing how to finish the thing... I made a brass connector and as soon as I figure out what kind of a neck-piece to make for it it will become a looong necklace. What kind of 'thread' can I make with the #6 so it won't overpower the piece? Or should I try to get smaller size gold and white and weave them together? The pieces for the fringes cannot be used, I don't have enough (maybe I'll add some accents here and there to tie everything in)


Anyhow, these were my takes on this edition of the "Time to Stitch'!

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  1. yes, yes .... earrings with the Russian Spiral! I would never think to do that, but they are very cool! and I agree, the color choices in the brick is very Cleopatra - love it!

  2. You are so funny! I know what you mean about finishing the ends of a stitch. Maybe the girls (Therese and Christine) need to do a tutorial on finishing ends...:) I love the idea of russian spiral earrings. I'm with you, that brick stitch is very particular about what beads you use with it. I can send you a pic of some pieces with ideas for a rope to use with the size 6's if you'd like...

  3. The spiral is perfect for earrings! I had the same issue not knowing how to end it. I love the Cleopatra piece and fringe...... yes, I am in love with it too!

  4. I am all for a tute on finishing! I was with you all the way...sometimes a good kick in the seat of my pants to get me moving helps! The pattern I used had you bead the bail which you could do easily ...just keep beading until it will fit over the "necklace" you choose. Anyways you did a great job and so glad you kept with it!

  5. I am an anxiety riddled finisher. I have heaps of projects that all they need is clasps, loops, buttons, etc. I have never been comfortable with that. Maybe we can have a hop where everyone lists 3 ways to finish. Or something like that. We need to find a book or start a Finishing FB page or something. But~ I LOve your Russian Spirals! (GO Rangers!) I think making them into earrings is a great idea! Either open ended as they are or with a pearl or something at the end. But any way you do it, your work is wonderful! And I really like your fringey brick! I think it is wonderful as is and would just finish it simply. With stringing or if you are going to wear it yourself, a gold chain. I love the fringe look and the triangle pattern. The vintage beads are beautiful. Thanks so much for being a part of this, Alicia! You always make something unique and lovely!

  6. Nice work! I think the earrings were a perfect solution for the spirals. They look fine without anything on the bottom -- kind of light and breezy. And Cleopatra is quite elegant. She might look lovely just hanging from an extra long chain, maybe layered with another necklace. Pretty things!

  7. Hi Alicia,
    I think that the Russian spiral will make beautiful earrings. I agree they really need to let one know how to end a piece. I just cinch up the ends by doing a criss cross with the thread and do a half hitch knot in the center of the x then my thread is center and add an end cap and some seed beads to hold the clasp then run my needle and thread back through the bead work and do a few more half hitch knots and cut the thread. Oh my sorry to go into telling you this in the comment box I got carried away. Anyway I love your Cleopatra pendant it is simply gorgeous. Thank you so much for joining in on round 3 and I hope that you will join us in round 4.

  8. I have said it before and I will repeat myself here - I have no idea how to bead weave - I am just totally in awe with all the pieces created with seed beads! Love those earrings and how you finished it off - it looks like a beaded bead! Your focal as you aptly named Cleopatra is beautiful! You do nice work!

  9. Alicia, I think that the russian spiral would make a very cool pair of earrings. But I LOVE the brick stitch! The color palette is STUNNING! I can wait to see what you work up to finish the necklace.

  10. What a great idea to make the earrings with a Russian spiral, they look good to me just the way they are. But the Cleaopatra pendant is my favorite, beautiful colors and nice look. Hope you'll show us the finished piece!

  11. Alicia I like the spiral earrings best. Cleopatra is cool too. I usually put larger caps on my rope ends.Sometimes I put an eyepin inside the spiral to end the piece with.

  12. Foarte frumoase, ambele podoabe !
    Succes mai departe ! Aştept cu nerăbdare urmatoarele creaţii !


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