Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last day of school

I should have known better than going to school on this last day. It always gets to me: the kids are happy, but sad at the same time; the teachers a tad relieved, and a lot sighing; plus all the teachers leaving the school and not coming back next fall! It's always sad to think you're not going to see the familiar faces. Especially when they've done a wonderful job; they are mostly the Educational Assistants, for the special needs kids - it is a job not everybody can do it successfully! Speaking of which - some of these kids leave the school as well - and that's even harder to imagine.

The weather knows something: after weeks of hot, sunny days we have a gray, almost crying day. And quite chilly too.

It was lovely to see the retired teachers from last year coming in to present their awards - when they left they asked for a special award to be presented each year in their name instead of a retirement gift. Those are the teachers you want for your kids: loving and utterly selfless. It was beautiful to hear the cheers from the crowd (kids and parents alike) when they entered the gym. It was lovely to see the grade 6th presenting a musical tribute - really well done!

One of the teachers put together a slideshow with pictures from past year - and it was absolutely wonderful!

And now I sit here and try to get some energy into my day, 'cause it was all drained off... I'm not doing well in emotional gatherings and the last day of school is always such one.

Ephemeral life, but beautiful nonetheless: Butterfly :: All Pretty Things
Life is ephemeral - but oh, so beautiful!
Just like this butterfly :) 

I'll remind myself of the wonderful memories we've made and the many opportunities we'll have to make new ones during the summer.

May you have a beautiful day!

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