Monday, September 16, 2013

I am...

Main, on top of the mountain :: All Pretty Things
Maine, on top of the mountains - watching the ocean

I am...
making : time to finish one task I completely hate (taxes).
cooking : a hot dinner in the slow cooker, it's horrible outside today.
drinking : a special green tea, not from a bag, leaves are unfurling quietly under the hot water.
reading : Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ From Lemons to Lemonade ; sometimes it's good for your soul to realize you are blessed beyond comprehension, puts things in perspective.
wanting : to take a break from a few unpleasant chores.
looking : forward to making some special plans.
playing : with a few idea, throwing them in the air like juggling balls.
wasting : too much time online, must get back on track.
sowing : seeds of hope.
wishing : for a self-cleaning studio; why didn't someone invent one already?!
enjoying : the colour of the leaves, the fall is here and everything explodes in bright golds and rusty reds.
waiting : too long to get into action; part fear part not knowing how to approach new ideas.
liking : my moment of quiet, late at night, when everybody is sleeping.
wondering : if I'll ever find time to be in the studio again.
loving : when the child comes home and he's happy.
hoping : the child will have a better year at school (academically he was more than OK, but he didn't like last one too much).
marveling : at how fast the time went by, it seems like yesterday I had a baby in my arms and now he's walking by himself to school.
needing : to clean my room. Seriously, it's a disaster.
smelling : the dog (it's dump outside), she needs a bath :)
wearing : my Seasons piece, it's so cold and grey outside I just needed the happy colour.
following : my thoughts into a dream world.
noticing : the clock - the kitchen clock is 17 years old and from 8 am to 9 pm it 'chirps' at the hour.
knowing : that I can do what I want to do, but still doubting myself here and there.
thinking : I should make myself a to-do list for the day and week, otherwise nothing will get done.
bookmarking : Christmas recipes, every year I find new ones and I want to make them all.
opening : a new chapter in my busy life.
giggling : at how the dog creeps onto my pillow as soon as I get off bed.
feeling : a bit unsettled, a bit in between, but overall hopeful and content; if I will put the heart in it, I will succeed.

I saw this list on Kerry's blog and she found it somewhere on Erin’s blog, who found it over at the Che & Fidel. I thought I’d join in. Leave a link to your blog in the comments if you decide to join in too.


  1. awesome post! that looks like Cadillac mountain? or is it mount Desert Island?


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