Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: The Science of Happiness - An Experiment in Gratitude


  1. The key to life is appreciation :) It's the highest energy of all, and a life lived with appreciation (is there anything that can't be thought of from appreciation?) is a life of joy. We came for the fun of it!

    I love Abraham-Hicks publications & the science of deliberate creation. Same idea! My life changed the moment I stopped looking for what was wrong (even politically, trying to "better" the world but I don't think my "push against" attitude bettered much at all; it only was a very ornery & eventually scary way of being) and started looking for what was right & made joy the goal. Oh, then I was living! And creating my life, no longer reacting. Sharing happiness & gratitude changes the world! lol..

    Thank you, Alicia!

  2. Thank you Alicia~I am crying now...we need to (and often do!) Always take the time to express our gratitude. The giver and receiver both benefit greatly from that kind of positivity.


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