Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Code it Pretty: Add Pin It Buttons to Your Blogger Posts

I've been trying for a while (not in a very determined way, mind you) to add a Pin It button to the blog. Now - Blogger (Google's blog app) is not known for easy customization and I do have friends who swear by Wordpress. It's just that I have so much information already in here, I don't even want to think to move it over (I have moving things: virtually or physically).

Tonight I was determined to succeed - probably because my piano practice was going down the drain and I can't for the life in me remember more than a few measures (I have 4 pages to memorize until next week!).

I've searched 'how to add a pin it button to blogger' and I started following advice... and following... and nothing worked. Now I was almost mad: I *must* succeed, something *has* to work properly today!

Then ~ I found it! I simply ignored the part about the time and I kept following the very easy instructions. Now I have a Pin It button next to each and every one of my pictures on the blog. Tadaa!! Victory!

This is the very helpful article, in case you want to add it to your own blog, hosted through Google's Blogger:

Code it Pretty: Add Pin It Buttons to Your Blogger Posts: Update: May 2013 Many more Pin It options for Blogger have become available in the year since this post was written — including new, ea...


  1. Way to go - being persistent has sure paid off! I'm impressed that you got the PinIt button to work - it will be so helpful for promoting posts on your blog. I'll admit I have to get professional technical help for many of my blog (Wordpress) updates. Luckily I have an excellent web designer/developer.

  2. Persistence paid off, Alicia. I know just how you feel when it comes to adding or changing something on Blogger.

  3. Wish me luck, I'm going to try this tonight. :)


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