Saturday, November 16, 2013

Therese's birthday ~ the reveal!

Aah... a new reveal this weekend :) a full weekend, it seems.

Remember some while back when Therese sent a group of friends a fused glass cab she made? She asked us to use it in a piece of jewelry - and today it's time to show what we've made!

Her cab arrived and I was simply in love with it: it stayed on my desk for weeks, I touched it every day ~ I am a tactile type of person: the more I touch the materials, the better I get to 'know' them and the easier it gets to work with them.

I thought of finally learning how to make a beaded bezel - but I scratched that idea soon. While I love to see them, it's not a technique that speaks to me - or not yet. I thought of making a bezel from silver (soldering it) - and I had to scratch that idea too... because the studio is not in a usable form and that will take a little bit of time... I couldn't simply glue the bail Therese provided, it seemed seriously cheating that way :) I know - I could have made the necklace myself and that would have been that... neah...

I even thought of using polymer clay for a bezel - the oven temperature would have been too low to damage the glass. I just couldn't envision the end result and like it in my head. If I don't like it in my head, I can't make it.

I don't know about you - but when it comes to cabs those are the only options I know of, besides wire wrapping. So wire wrapping it was. This time I focused on making sure the wraps are perfectly symmetrical and the prongs are as close to perfect as possible. I didn't manage perfection but I was (and still am) very pleased with the result:

Unnamed: ooak pendant, wire wrapping, sterling silver, art bead, glass fused :: All Pretty Things

I must admit it wasn't an easy wrap (although it looks very simple)... but I love it! So much so that it has been on me since I finished it (on a very simply sterling silver chain). I know need a name for it... any takes?

I would like to thank Therese for inviting me to this special event, and for entrusting me with her beautiful cab. I hope I did it justice :)

Thank you for stopping by ~ please check what everybody else created with Therese's cabs! The cabs are all very different but equally beautiful, and I am sure so are the results!

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  1. Wow Alicia!!! This wire wrap is simply perfect!! It really showcases the beauty of this cab.

  2. I love the swirls at the top! You make wire wrapping look easy.

  3. Alicia this is so YOU! it is absolutely perfect and frames that beautiful cab from Therese perfectly. I just gotta get you to show me how you do this! really beautiful work my friend :)

  4. Beautiful work, Alicia! I really like how you left it all about the cab. The coils on the sides and bottom are so quietly supportive and the bubbles on the top are a great way to tie it all together. Very nicely done! It must look great on you!

  5. Ooh, love, love, love! Since wire is so beyond me, I have a real appreciation for those that can work it, and your design truly lets Therese's focal shine! Great job, my friend!

  6. That is a gorgeous wire wrapping. I love the coils on the side and bottom and the swirls on top are lovely.

  7. I think you found the perfect solution to your dilemma! The wrapping is lovely, and it allows all of the colors of the cab to shine without overpowering it. I completely understand why it's been living around your neck since you finished it!

  8. Wow it is beautiful Alicia, I had a feeling that I would see a wire wrap around the cab I sent to you and I was not disappointed your wrapping is so pretty I love seeing it. Lucy Lu because of all the curly queues you made at the top.
    Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me and I hope that you will celebrate many more to come with me.
    Much love to you,
    It is a shame that we are so close to each other I am just on the other side of the boarder, Oh well on my next visit up this way in warmer weather.

  9. Awesome! I wish I could do that ") As for a name Seasons came to my mind when I looked at it. Have a good week.

  10. Oh, how lovely! Your wire wrapping is just perfect for this piece. This is something I have not mastered - you have!

  11. I love this bezel! It really is beautiful and compliments the cab so well.


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